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I want to start with a clean config so I removed all the devices on the board, and then upload config to module which has NO devices now Then I saved the new config..When I open the module I still see all the devices on that module. Why. How do you start with a clean module
2016-10-07 17:15
From: ETSI, Germany
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Can´t confirm this.....

If you wan´t to clean up a module you have to open The Options Menu and step to "Mobiflight Module Tab"
Then you have to delete every device by the button lower right side.
Important... To save these deleting on Module you need to use the left "Uploading new Configuration" button. If Window "Upload finished" is shown then the module is realy empty ! Without saving the devices are still set when using the module again.

Don´t mix up "Config" and "Module Device Setup" . These are different. You can load another config (mcc file) but the devices on Module are still the same..... else if you change the Module Devices this do no changes to youre Input/Output config !
Good Luck !
2017-01-12 05:02