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Ok, I have been lurking here for a few weeks now. Been reading a lot about Lvars, Lua, offsets and such. I was going to use “simvin” for Xplane but have dropped Xplane. To much garbage to deal with making it look good. So back to P3D. I have it looking very nice.

I have a home pit with working panels using paid FSUIPC and Leobodar boards & Trustmaster MFDs. It works pretty well. I fly military and general aviation birds. I want to expand the function of my pit. I’m having a hard time understanding how to proceed with finding and creating the scripts I need to move forward. I have done the 2 tutorials and was successful. The planes I fly, I know I will have to figure out the Lvars but don’t know how to do that. There is so much I don’t understand. I’m pretty comfortable with computers but still not getting the Lvars and Lua stuff. Your help will greatly be appreciated!

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2019-11-07 13:50
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Welcome to Mobiflight.

At first.... Lots of your questions are still awnser here in forum..... You should use Search and study this stuff.

Shortly awnser to your most important first questions.

1. What Sim is planned..... You said you swap back to P3D. Thats fine. Whatever Mobiflight is also compatible with XPlane..... Here you need mostly a little knowledge about scripting..... Cause specialy in AddOn Aircrafts XPUIPC not include the funtions and you must write some codelines to compare the Datarefs to XPUIPC.
With P3D this is much more comfortable.

2. About LeoBodnars.
Mobifliht basicly work via FSUIPC.... MF is your perfect solution for OUTPUTS.... For Inputs it is also a good tool but it is not required directly... Cause MF simply send Inputs to FSUIPC..... Your LeoBodnars do the same..... They send Commands ( JoyButtons) to FSUIPC. The only difference is the settings are done in FSUIPC when you use LeoBodnars..... If you use Mobiflight the settings are done already in Mobiflight..... But the final command is send to FSUIPC in both ways.
That mean.... You can swap your Inputs to Mega Boards and Mobiflight OR you can simply use your Bodnars and Registred FSUIPC Version like before "paralell" to Mobiflight.
You can also Combine..... Use the existing Inputs by your Bodnars and new stuff in future by Mobiflight. No Problem finaly.

3. About Lua Scripting
Here question is what AddOn you use..... Lots of AddOns ( Like PMDG, ProSim, Ifly, Magenta) have a direct FSUIPC Support..... So they are perfect compatible with Mobiflight.
Other AddOns like A2A and Aerosoft work with "Lvars". Those are basicly NOT compatible with mobiflight directly....
Here you need a LUA Script that "compile" the Lvar Data to FSUIPC Offsets and backwards.
Those "scripts" must be written by yourselef or your lucky and find a prebuild script from a other user.

Summary..... If you like to use Mobiflight in the most easy way .....
You should use P3D instead of XPlane
You should use a AddOn Aricraft that is compatible 100% with FSUIPC.
Good Luck !
2019-11-07 19:28