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Hi guys. I am rearry sorry to open a topic when it is problaby answer already, but believe, I did try to reach it and I coulnd find anything. I will explian what happen.
I have P3D v4.5, Fsuipc updated with the last version.And I already add the 2 sdk lines on the file.

I have made all the LCD display with 16x2 lines showing comm active a std and nav active and std. the problem is the rotary enconder. the one that I have is the cheapest and comun one, without the little board attach on the rotary enconder as is showing is this pict
I have been follow the steps as a normal ones and it now changing any digit.
1. I upload the device, giving two ping(left=24 and right=26)
2. Type: 1 detent per cycle (00)
3. Name: Radio

On Input tab
1.On left: Action type= Fsuipc Offset
2. Preset: Radio - COM1 Standby Freq KHz (-) Decrease
3. Click on USE
4. Syze in byte: 1
5. Set value: -1
The rest I leave it as default

1.On left: The same step, just changed COM1 Standby Freq KHz (-) Increase and set value:1

Clicking ok.
Mark asn Active on the main input tab and ..............................

What I am doing wrong, and in case it is about the offset values on Base setting, how could I find that number. You would you be able to show me how to operate with event id insted?
Thank you very much for you help. I am really stuck.
Rgards Luis
2019-10-10 02:53
From: EDDG, Germany
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Hi Luis,

Welcome to MobiFlight!

If you are in the Config Wizard, then please use the following values for COM1 standby kHz

On Left
Action Type: Event ID
Event ID: 70358
Param: 8192

On the right
Action Type: Event ID
Event ID: 70358
Param: 16384

For COM1 standby MHz you use the same parameters only as Event ID 70359

I first thought about which plane you used, but when I read about the 2 lines SDK, I knew you were using the PMDG 737.

The parameters 1 ... 9 are mostly used in PMDG for switch positions, e.g. the Autobrake.
For encoders, these parameters do not work. Here you can access the so-called mouse events. If you look at the end of the PDF list at the events, you will find a list of all mouse events that are used in the PMDG.
The parameters 8192 and 16384 related to the mouse wheel (forward / backward).

Try it out and see if it works. Please report your experiences.
2019-10-10 08:45
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Mr StephanHo
Heyyyyy:w00t: :w00t: It works. Thank you. You better tell me where should I kiss you.:lol: :lol:
Any way. I made it as you did and works fine. BUT.
I did get about the parameters and how I have to convert the hex number to a numerical number for the mouse whell. But the I couldnt realize about the EVENT ID.

I have been looking at different list.

Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf from Module folder /Fsuipc in my sim.
PMDG_NGX_SDK. h from PMDG pmdg_ngx_sdk.h

and I couldnt get the 70358 even converted to a hex number. And checking this number another doubt apper. Why is the same number for both?
I need to keep going. this is great.

I cant wait to keep going.
Regards, Luis
2019-10-10 15:04
From: ETSI, Germany
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Whatever it workes i will add some important informations...... Cause your still lucky and not understand the basic Problem !

1. Presets:
If you use the Preset from the List then you should NOT change them..... Specialy if you not know what you do.

On Input tab
1.On left: Action type= Fsuipc Offset
2. Preset: Radio - COM1 Standby Freq KHz (-) Decrease
3. Click on USE
4. Syze in byte: 1
5. Set value: -1
The rest I leave it as default

This Preset is basicly correct in its puplished form..... Its absolutly wrong to change "size in Byte" to 1.... it must be 2 as in Preset.
And you can not say Value +1 ...... Here the already included "If Condition" in value tab is the correct value.
In FSUIPC Offsets you mostly need difficult formulas for inputs.... 1 or -1 can never work..... ( Whatever it must be $+1 and $-1 )

In short words.... If you use Offset Write here you should understand the math calculations OR you should not change the settings that are already done by Mobiflight.

2. Used Input Typ:
I personlay recommend to work with EVENT ID always if possible..... Cause its more easy and comfortable.
In case of COM NAV and so on we "normaly" work with P3D Standard Events.....

Those are listed in the "List of FSX and P3D Controlls.pdf" in your Simulator subfolder (/modules/fsuipc documents )
( Using of Input Typ "FSUIPC Offset" is only needed for Xplane and some difficult special situations)

NOTE: For Standard Events there is no need of Mouse Parameters.... Every SET Event is working with any Parameter..... Simply use "0" Zero here. The usage of Mouse Parameter is ONLY for PMDG.

3. PMDG Logic.
Stephans recommend Events are PMDG Events. This controll the PMDG internal Knobs.
Normaly for PMDG Stuff this is good..... But at ADF and XPDR you will get problems.
In the special situation of RADIO and NAV Inputs on Pedestal i personaly recommend to work with Standard Events instead of PMDG Events.
As i said... Your Lucky cause COM1 work fine also in this system..... But you get into trouble on other spots.... So i would use for the full radio simply standard events.

4. The List.

The SDK.H File says.
Starting third party event id min ..... 0x0001000 equals 69632
The first event is Battery switch and it say "min Number+1" ..... So its 69632+1 = 69633 ..... So you can get the numbers.

More easy is to use this List..... Here a nice guy simply calculated it from Hex to Int

5. Why same number for Both
Cause in PMDG the Event is just a "adress" for a Element..... In That case the Virtual Knob to select Com1.
The Parameter is the Mouse Action you will do with THIS Element.
Whatever you Increase or decrease the COM1..... You would do both with same Knob..... So its the Same EventID.
BUT you turn the switch to left OR right..... So you need 2 different Mouse Actions.... And that means the two different Parameters.

In simply words...... In PMDG the EventID means a virtual Knob/switch/encoder e.g. ....... And the Parameter means the kind of Action you want to to with the element.

Hope all questions are awnserd.
Good Luck !
2019-10-10 16:33
Posts: 18
Heyyyyy. Thank you very much. I understood. I will be support my project with this doc. YOu really help me.
Thank thank thank you.
Regards Luis
2019-10-10 22:18