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Hello everyone,

Well MobiFlight Forum is an encyclopedia of useful information.

I am in the very early stages of research to build a PMDG 737NGX home sim.

I am experimenting with an Arduino Mega and various components with plenty of success so far. For example, I have managed (with the PMDG 737NGX) to get various MCP outputs displayed on 7 segment LEDs and various push buttons working with a rotary encoder.

I seem to be stuck when it comes to finding the correct parameter to use with rotary encoders. I am trying to set the Captain course and am using the Event ID 70008 and Parameter 11204034. I can increase the heading with a right turn but not decrease it using Event ID 7008 and parameter -11204034.

I have found plenty of documentation detailing Event IDs and Offsets but no parameters. I get the impression that parameters are associated with mouse clicks.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

2019-09-19 11:26
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Steve.
Welcome to Mobiflight.

For PMDG its verry easy.... Cause PMDG work with a "simulation" of Mouse Actions.
That mean every EventID is simular to a FUNCTION in the Cockpit..... And every Parameter means a MOUSE ACTION you like to emulate.

Here is the List....
Please check the LAST Page.... There all Mouse Actions are listed.
NOTE.... Right Single on the List is "2147483648" but here Mobiflight have a other range and there must be a MINUS in front ... so -2147483648 ! All other Actions work as written.

So.... If you are not sure how to make this, simply get in virtual cockpit and check how you do it with the Mouse..... If a Leftclick move the Button then use the Left Click Parameter (536870912) on the EventID of that Function..... And a Mobiflight Button Press would simmulate a virtual Mouse Left Click on that Element.

Advanced Stuff......
Left Click is used for Momentary switches in 99% of Situations.

Encoders work mostly with Mousewheel UP and DOWN Parameters ( Also with Clicks but that i not recommend)

Multi Position Switches ( Like Rotary switches and ON-ON-ON Latching switches) have a Value Parameter ..... Starting with 0 Zero on Upper or LEfT Position and count upwards 1,2,3,4,5, and so on for every detent. Here you use NOT a Mouse Action !!!!! Use for the First Position Parameter 0 and so on.

This work in maby 98% of Inputs..... Only some Special need adavanced Logics.... But if you understand the System you will see it directly when you reach a "special one".
Good Luck !
2019-09-19 15:46
Posts: 10
Thank you Pizman82 for the quick reply, I will have a more detailed look when I get home this evening.

Well I got home and read the document all the way to the end and guess what there are the parameters that I needed all working except if I over turn the Encoder the display keeps moving ( increasing or decreasing) am I missing something else obvious ?

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2019-09-19 17:09