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I have an improvement to allow lavet style stepper motors for use with MobiFight. The change is actually in the AccelStepper Library, a new step sequence. I would like to recompile the current firmware to try it out this change and see how it works on my Lavet steppers. What are the best practices for compiling the Arduino firmware?

I have successfully compiled the firmware by moving all the files the "library" folder to my local arduino library path. I can compile, and upload no problem, and my digital IO works, but not stepper motors, either before or after my change to the code.

Any hints? is the latest code on bitbucket broken for the firmware?

Thanks ahead of time!
2019-08-07 06:23
From: ETSI, Germany
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Welcome to Mobiflight.

Nice to hear that somebody like to implement some ideas and working time in our Project.
Myself i do only the Forum support and have no knowledge about the programming Part. Here the "Boss" Sebastian ( DocMoebius) is the correct person.

As i know he currently not read the forum in case of missing time ( work, familiy, flight licence) so you need to contact him via EMail

Whatever you are on the right spot already when you found the Bitbucket Page ......
I´m registred there to write with him.... Don´t know if this is 100% needed..... Also not know if HE must confirm a request so you can load/compile things or if this is "open".

In case you are a programmer you should now that stuff and be able to work on it. If you need help contact him personaly..... Normaly for contributers he offer you his personal Phone Number or get in contact via Teamviewer and Discord ( In German or English whatever you like)

LAST Note: Please before you invest lots of hours, talk to him about the plannings . If he not like the idea and block the thematic then all work is unneeded. Just to prevent a missunderstanding!

Thanks for your work, Sir !
Good Luck !
2019-08-07 12:22
From: NW of KPWK, United States
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I think you are on the right track.

The latest code in the repository is the one from the latest release. So it is working.
Start compiling the source without any changes and flash your arduino. Increase the version number to see if it shows correctly in MobiFlight later.

There is a build script that you can run and as far as i know I provided some explanations of how to run it.

The Mobiflight firmware requires you to set the type of Arduino board that you are compiling for. Did you set that correctly?
Have a great day!

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