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Hi ,
I only discovered Mobi Flight this afternoon and I think its great
I tried the tutorial for the parking brake LED which worked fine
My question is, can I use FSUIPC offsets which are not in the drop down list in
the config wizard / FSUIPC / use preset

I wanted to make an LED turn on when the battery master switch is on .
The battery switch is not in the preset list but I found from the FSUIPC SDK that it is offset 281C and is 4 bytes
So to save messing with wiring I set pin 13 (the onboard LED) as the output device
entered the 281C ofset and set it to 4 bytes ,
whenI pressed test the LED came on so that part was ok but when I tried operating the battery switch in FSX
the LED stayed off
am I doing something wrong , or have I missed the point somewhere ( not surprising as I only had the software for 3 hours)
or is it just not possible to use the offsets that are not in the drop down preset list ?

2016-04-10 20:20
From: REUTL @ STR, Germany
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Hi DibDob,

ofcause you can use any FSUIPC Offset you wnat whith Mobiflight :)
I should look like this:
Does it work this way?
2016-04-10 21:35
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Hi , Thank you for the reply

I thought I had done it the way you suggested when I tried last night , but I must have had my silly head on
because I tried it tonight and it works fine
I also set up my first switch to operate the starter on the engine and that works fine too

Thanks for your help

2016-04-11 22:20