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Hi Team

I have these Encoders and have done the Tutorials and its absolutely Brilliant .

The more you play / experiment with it the faster the understanding of Mobiflight .

I have a problem though

I have the 3 pins connected to and working With MF , workin .

Use IAS for test =
The problem i have is that the EC11 ( it has a push in button ) when i push in the EC11 rotates the numbers fine by + or -1 . Then when i use the encoder normal its seems has to do a full rotation to + or - 1 any ideas ? it has 3 pins one end 2 the other . Been looking for hours now . :D

Any help Appreciated .

2019-07-03 07:07
Posts: 16
Well i Did a bit of Kiwi Ingenuity and opened op the Encoder Put a small piece of ice cream lid so the switch is permanently on and moves fine now .

Would prefer a proper answer though lol

Wait to hear from the knowledgeable Yodas out there .

2019-07-03 10:52
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3095
Hi Glen.

The EC11 have lots of different versions. to Help you we need the exact Typ Number or better a link to the specific Datasheet.

You say it have 3-2= 5 Pins. Normaly the 3 Pin Side is for the Encoder.... the 2 Pin Side is for the Push Button.
The Button itself have NO Connection to the Encoder electrical..... So it is no matter if Button is pressed or not.... the Encoder MUST do the absolutly same in both ways.

Possible Issues.....

1. Bridged electrical Signal..... Mostly the metal Encoders ( Alps also have plastic typ) have the problem that it can "bridge" if you make a mounting issue.
For example if the solder touch the housing ... so the solderwork must be verry accurate and perfect here.

2. Broke Encoder.... Like all stuff in the world also your encoder can be broke internal while using or already when you buy it ( manifacture issue) .

3. Wrong Wire Logic.... The Encoder must be wired correctly.... Encoder have a GRD Pin ( Must use SAME GRD like the Arduino that you connect the Data Pins)
It also have 2 Data Pins ( Mostly Left and right is Data..... the Middle is GRD) . Those go to 2 Pins on Mega and are SET in Device menue as a Encoder Input.
The Push Button got a GRD and a Data Pin..... Here the Same... Data Pin to a MEGA Pin defined as a "button" and GRD to the SAME Mega where you set Data Pin !

Summary.... I Think 1 or 3 is the issue. Normaly Encoders work fine in 99% of situations.
So check correct wire logic.... Then check for solder issues.... Pretty sure this solve the problem already !
Good Luck !
2019-07-03 11:44