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I’ve just discovered this wonderfull software. I’d like to build a throttle leveler for a two engines plane, with spoiler leveler, in 737-style.
But I do not understand how to assign a function to the encoder that it is not beetween the pre-configurated in mobiflight (power of engines).
Can anybody help me?
2019-05-11 08:10
From: EDDG, Germany
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Hi estebanus,

welcome to MobiFlight!

One thing after the other. I think, you want all at the same time.

First of all, you have to understand the basic principle of MobiFlight (MF).
MF is the transmitter between your own hardware and FSUIPC. FSUIPC is a payware programm from Pete Dawson. I hope you have it otherwise look an the mainpage here and take it.
What MF not able to do is to work with analogues values i.e. from a potentiometer or something else.
MF itself differentiates between inputs (from your hardware) and outputs (from your sim to your hardware).
Inputs in MF are named EventIDs and Outputs are referenced via Offsets. So you have to think in two layers.
A switch (from your hardware) initiates an input for MF. In MF you have a config for this switch which is send to FSUIPC and from there to your SIM. Your sim reactes and it is possible that the result is an output. This output will be read via an offset from MF and lights up a LED (i.e.).
That's the priciple.

After having installed MF you should not start to begin with building your homecockpit. First try the simple tutorials you find above.

this puts you in a position to realize many things. The tutorials are designed to be easy to implement.
Hence my recommendation to work through it.
If you have questions then and they will definitely come, then you write them here in the forum.

To expect now that everything is explained to you in detail, would go beyond the scope.

What MF can not do is to process analog signals e.g. of potentiometers or similar

It would also be helpful to specify which B737 (Standard, PMDG) you would like to implement and which simulator (FSX, P3DVx, X-Plane) you are using.

For the mentioned EventIDs and Offesets there are lists, which show, which Offset / which EventID is assigned to which Sim-Function. If you have FSUIPC installed, you will find these lists in the main directory of your simulator under MODULES and there in the directory FSUIPC DOCUMENTS.

If you have worked through this information, then you should start planning your project. The questions that arise then, you can ask here.
2019-05-11 14:22
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As Stephan said, with mobiflight is not possible to build a throttle quadrant. You need an controller with analogue axis. I prefere BU386 from Leo Bodnar - no driver, no programming, no external software is need. This controller give you the possibillity to connect 8 axis and 32 buttons - more than adequate for a complete 737-TQ.
2 axis for levers, 2 for reversers, 1 for flaps and 1 for speedbrakes. Be aware that FSUIPC can handle only 6 axis from one controller. For the axis you use linear pots or hall sensors, encoders are not required. Maybe for the trim wheel, but BU836 can handle encoders as well.
The electrical part is easy if you not like to motorisize your TQ, but the mechanical part needs a good planing. Stability and good lever friction are here the magic words.
My trottle quadrant (B-777 style) with all required axis and switches is done only with BU836 and setup directly in FSUIPC - of course for parkingbrake light I use mobiflight.

2019-05-11 19:32