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From: ROME, Italy
Posts: 50
Good morning dear friends,
as always, thank you very much for having made MOBIFLIGHT.
currently I use 5 MEGA cards for my MIP, EFIS, EFIS, MCP.
Everything works properly even if the IAS, V / S setting still gives me problems.
I am working hard and will solve these things soon.
now I want to ask something that will seem stupid.
when starting the system is it ok to start p3d first and then MF after?
or rather the opposite sequence?
I ask this because, sometimes, I had to turn off and restart MF because some commands were not recognized.
I thought that maybe this is a problem of the startup sequence of the two programs.
I forgot to mention that I use PMDG 737.
as always,
really many thanks !!
MF - simply wonderful !!
2019-04-27 13:40
Posts: 88

when starting the system is it ok to start p3d first and then MF after?

Of course it´s ok. If a thing gives you two ways to handle it, the best way is that way who works. :)
Btw, I start Mobiflight always after the sim/airplane - I never tried the opposite way, so I don´t know what can happen there.

2019-04-27 23:45
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 2765

Normaly Mobiflight should "see" FSUIPC whatever it is still ON or come ON while MF is still running.

But i do the same like Gert.... I always start Mobiflight AFTER the Sim ( When Flight is completly loaded and System is stable) . BUT it should normaly woked reversed, too.
Good Luck !
2019-04-28 02:28
Posts: 49
There's a feature in FSUIPC v5 that allows you to specify programs to be run when your flight sim is started and FSUIPC is loaded. I use it to automatically load a number of programs including Mobiflight automatically when I start my simulator (P3D / PMDG).

As an example, you could add the following to the end of your FSUIPC5.ini file:


The "READY" switch ensures Mobiflight is loaded only once your flight simulator is running and ready to fly with FSUIPC supplying valid data. The "CLOSE" switch will automatically shutdown Mobiflight when you exit your flight simulator.

Tip - if you check "autorun" in Mobiflight, it will also automatically connect once it is loaded using the above process. I find it works perfectly every time.

For more information check out the FSUIPC5 for Advanced Users document in your modules folder.

2019-05-11 09:49