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If I put this topic in a wrong forum section please move it to correct one.
I'm not sure what to use for heading and angle selector. As you know these two knobs are located on one axis.
My idea is to use double shaft encoder for this - outer knob will be responsible for heading angle while inner knob will be used as a heading selector.
However the problem is that angle selector has only 5 positions - 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 degrees as shown on below photo:

So if I use encoder it will allow me to rotate it by 360 deg. Another thing is that it will catch all impulses during rotation.
Is it possible to set the mobiflight to make an action not on every encoder impulse but for instance on every second or third impulse?

Or maybe you have other idea how to manage that?
The ideal thing could be the rotary switch on outer shaft and encoder on inner shaft - but I can't find such one.
Any ideas?
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2019-03-27 20:46
From: ETSI, Germany
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"Search is your friend" and also your best firend is google all the time :-)

Those Combos not exist... We talk already in past.
Basicly you got 2 ways....
Build this corectly with a selfmade Hardware (Mostly a Shaft in Shaft technic.... Multiple solutions like Cogwheels, Hole in Encoder or Optical sensors....Check Links at the End)
You Build your Panel in a alternative way....
For example you can design 2 individual Knobs instead of One. Then you move the VORLoc button down (right of APP) and so you have enough space below the HDG Display for 2 Knobs ( HDG Encoder and Bank Rotary swtich)
Another Alternate is a Dual Encoder.... In That case you need a "Indicator" for the Position of Bank Selectro. For example a 2 Digit Display (Maby implement into the HDG Display
or you build a LED Gauge.... with 5 LED and it light 10,15,20,25,30 whatever is curently ON.

MY Solution: (Also check the links below to understand)
I not build it finaly but i still planed it and make improvisional testings....
Build it in a differen Optic or with 2 Encoders is no solution. Maby for a "dirty" Construction. But my Final Project should look and work 1:1 like real. So i finaly need a Dual Knob with a Encoder AND a Switch.
The "Drilling a hole" technic not work for me... Bad Feeling, Verry difficult, not perfectly.
The Sensor Methode is out of my knowledge of technics.... So i not try it
MY personal project will work with the Cogwheel System.

Check this 3 Links (Two are german..... If you not speak it then use Google translator.... Apology for that.)


Alternate LED

Sensors vs Cogwheel
Good Luck !
2019-03-27 23:43
From: EDDG, Germany
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2019-03-28 11:30
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This "gearbox" is a very nice idea!
2019-03-31 23:00