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Is it possible to get a right padding option, I need it for the dc amps display, left padding is good because I can enable space, but it pushes the digits to the right of the display

I need the displays pushed to the very left and without 0's

2019-03-20 12:50
From: ETSI, Germany
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At first let me say .... Is this realy needed ?

I Not see your Display..... If this occure in a complete unlogical situation then i agree.... But if its just a little optical problem that your 2 Diggit Display show _X instead of X_ in the Sim (_ means a Space) then its no matter. You will not see the Virtual System when you use the HC .... Also maby the Virtual System is wrong and in real Aircrafts there is also a Left Padding here.

Summary... If this kill your logic and move other Data from other Displays we need to rework. If this is realy only the fact you like a Number on the Left instead of the Right Diggit.... Then i would simply iggnore that little part.


1. Try to "cheat" Mobiflight. ( Not tested but maby possible)
Activate LEFT PADDING and set "Space" instead of the "Zero" custom setting.
Disable Left Padding after you select Space
If you "lukky" then the LEft Padding is Off .... You got Right Padding again. BUT Maby the Space Logic is still active in backround and NOW your Zeros are spaces.
( I not think this will work.... but you can test it. Maby your successfull )

2. Advanced Rework
If i see the Raw Data ( AddOn... Kind of Offset .... Already used Transforms, Compares and so on) i can maby figure out a IF/ELSE Condition that occure in the Optic you need.
Here i need More informations !
Good Luck !
2019-03-20 13:14