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From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4465
I don´t know B)

Basic rule is simple....

The EVENT is basicly the Button, Encoder, Clickspot etc in the Virtual Cockpit.
The PARAMETER is the Mouse Action you will simulate.

If the Encoder will Increase Value with a Leftclick and Decrease Value with a Rightclick in the Virtual Cockpit then the Parameters will work !

I don´t know if Left and Right Clicks will also increase the "Steps". With Mousewheel a fast periode of commands occure in a higher increase.
So you not need to turn the Encoder 100 Detents to increase ALT from 10.000 to 20.000 ft. Faster turn will make Jumps about 1000ft per detent.
Maby this is not possible with Left/Right Clicks.... Simply Try out.

Finaly to tell the truth.... I Use Wheel Up and Down cause its parameter 8192 and 16384 was shorter and i save a bit of work. I´m a sluggard B)
Good Luck !
2019-03-13 19:48
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