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is there a way to use mobiflight to control multiple knobs with just one physical encoder? Flying mostly in VR. Switches are ok in VR but knobs are useless. My idea is to have a single dual encoder mounted on my throttle base and I would select the knob somehow (button on stick/yolk?) in vr and use the single encoder to adjust whichever knob I had selected. I fly mainly P3D.
2019-02-18 18:47
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Actually, I can see where this could be really useful outside of VR as well. I found the "Knobster" but it's for XPlane and requires their 'Air Manager" software. I already have FSUIPC and Mobiflight...
2019-02-18 18:57
From: ETSI, Germany
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Basicly Yes.

The Key here is the "Precondition" Function of Mobiflight.
For every config ( whatever Input or Output) you can use a "Precondition" .
This say simply " ONLY WORK if Iindicator = True"
The Indicator must be finaly defined with a Output Config.

Simply Example: ( Not logical usefull.... just to show the System)

You have ONE Encoder.
This should Change Heading if Gear is UP and it should Change Altitude if Gear is DOWN.
Here you create 3 Configs.
1. Input Config for Heading (Same like in a Normal Situation )
2. Input Config for Altitude ( Again same like normal and you use SAME Encoder like in Config 1)
3. Output Config that Read the Status of the Gear ( For example 0= Gear UP 1 = Gar DOWN)

NOW you use the Precondition Function in the Input Configs....
In Config (Heading) you say " Only work if Gear Outpttu Config is value 0"
In 2nd Config (Altitude) you say " Only work if Gear Output Config is value 1"

For you intention you like for example to controll 10 Different Things.... so you must create 10 individual Configs all for the same Encoder.
Finaly you need 10 Preconditions
And you need one (or more) indicators that give you a clear and individual situation WHAT Encoder function now should be alive.
( Can be done for example with a Custom Offset ... If you use a Button on your Joystick you will sitch between function 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. )
Good Luck !
2019-02-18 23:42