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Anyone success in config for both Com1 & Com2 display on the same Led Module.

I got 2 Led modules in chain for ACTIVE & STANDBY frequency.
I got 2 button VHF1 & VHF2 for COM1 and COM2 activation.
I have archived MHz & KHz select on 1 encoder with Push button following this tutorial

But I can not find the way to display COM1 when VHF1 is push, and display COM2 when VHF2 is pushed. It mixed up very weird.
Thank you very much
2019-01-07 04:36
Posts: 51
Updated: I just found solution in another thread: Thank to pizman82
For Exampe:

You Have 1 Display and you have 2 Buttons. You like to show COM1 if button 1 is pressed and COM2 if button 2 is pressed.
Here you need 5 Configs.
1. INPUT Button 1 : On PRess write CustomOffset ( For eampkle 66C0) to 0
2. INPUT Button 2: On Press write SAME Offset (66C0) to 1
3. OUTPUT (No Device.... Just for Preconditioning) READ Offset 66C0 Name for Example "STATUS COM"
4. OUTPUT Com 1 Display.... Device is Your 7 Segment Display... Offset: The Com1 Offset PRECONDITION: Only work if "StatusCOM" = 0
5 OUTPUT Com 2 Display.... Divice is the SAME Display like in Config 4 .... Offset: The Com2 Offset PRECONDITION: Only work if "StatusCom"= 1

You see..... If you Press Button 1 then Offfset is set to "0" .... If you Press button 2 then Offset is set to "1"
If Offset is 0 then the Output Line of COM1 is active and show COM1
If Offset is 1 then the Output Line of COM2 is active and show COM2

I will try and report back soon.
2019-01-07 04:44
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It works fine with suggestion from pizman82.
I even got the LED for VHF1/ VHF2 on Airbus RMP work great as well.:thumbup:
2019-01-08 07:01
From: ETSI, Germany
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Nice !

Just Note.... This "Custom" System is basicly needed if you have no simmulated indicator !
If this indicator is still exist in your addon for example then you not need to write a custom offset !

So... For example in your addon you have a INPUT that will activate VHF1 and also a INPUT that activate VHF2 .....
AND you have a output Offset that show you witch Mode is "On" For example 2 Offsets that are bool 1/0 whatever VHF1/2 is ON or OFF. ....
In THAT CASE you can simply read this offsets to controll your LED in the buttons AND you can use this Offsets also for the Precondition of your Display.

Summary... To show different things on a Display in special situations you need a INDICATOR that is used in the precondition. If Indicator exist in the Sim then use it... If not then build it with the custom Offset logic !
Good Luck !
2019-01-10 16:34