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Hi guys

Going to wire up the lower panel of the overhead, so the lights, wipers etc.

The Engine Start panel has the ignition switch which is On Off On switch, am I right in thinking this is just ground to middle and pinned top and bottom?

Ign L - Pin 22
Both - Ground
Ign R - Pin 23

for example.. So both doesn't actually do anything? How does that work in Mobi? 0 - Both, 1 - Left, 2 - Right?
2018-12-17 20:49
From: ETSI, Germany
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Simply check your Lists !


64FE 1 BYTE ENG_IgnitionSelector 0: IGN L 1: BOTH 2: IGN R



So Your Switch got Typ EVENT ID .... All Configs work on ID 69752 ... Parameter are 0 (Left) 1 (Both) and 2 (Right)

I not see your switch.... But if you tell me it got 3 Positions and 3 Pins then pretty sure its a ON-OFF-ON Switch.... And mostly the middle Pin is GRD:
(Simply use a Multimeter/Voltmeter to check this out or build a little testing range with a battery and a LED to see what Pin is what function.... OR Google for a Datasheet of the switch)

Finaly.... A ON-OFF-.ON Switch here need 2 Configs.
Upper Position = Press Parameter 0 .... Release Parameter 1
Lower Position = Press Parameter 2 ..... Release Parameter 1

So a Release of whatever the upper or lower position will always occure in the middle Position !

NOTE: Those switches are not sync ! Get sure the switch is in correct Position on Systemstart OR use it 1x to sync it.
The AutoSync Function from Mobiflight NOT work for ON-OFF-ON Switches !
Good Luck !
2018-12-17 23:12