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Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone with the 737 NGX has managed to display the Standby Instruments ( 2 Round Gauges in the centre) to another monitor? I don't have the option for these in the View Modes?
2018-11-12 18:49
From: ETSI, Germany
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I think thats not possible.

As always said... The PMDG is a good Aircraft and give you for maby 70$ a good experience ( 1000 times better then the standard B737) BUT it is finaly not designed for a Homecockpit in a HighEnd State. For a HC with a nearly 100% rebuild of all items you need a professional Software like ProSim or ProjectMagenta....
But here we talk about ~~1000 US$


Maby you can google for a Standalone Software that get data of FSUIPC and rebuild this StandbyDisplay on a Window Outside of FSX ( Check for LAN via Network possibility! )
Other way is to use a Standaloane Software for a Virtual "Analog" Display of Horizon. (Cause building this with Servos is nearly impossible.

Finaly the Radio Navigation standby can be done with Stepper/Servos. Its advanced but it´s possible !
Good Luck !
2018-11-13 12:26
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Something like this?

You have to edit the panel.cfg to make a new window for Standby instrument.

> x:\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX\panel

> open panel.cfg and add a new window number.

[Window Titles]
window00=Main Panel
window01=Lower Main
window02=CDU (Left)
window03=Aft Electronic Panel
window04=Fire Protection
window05=Forward Overhead
window06=Aft Overhead
window07=Overhead Lights
window08=Lower DU
window09=MCP (full)
window11=Zoomed Left Outboard DU
window12=Zoomed Left Inboard DU
window13=Zoomed Upper DU
window14=Zoomed Lower DU
window15=Zoomed Right Inboard DU
window16=Zoomed Right Outboard DU
window17=CDU (Right)
window19=Light Sensor
window20=Standby Instruments // add this line.
//...... scroll down to the bottom of 2d entries and paste [Window20] Standby Instruments after Windows19 entry

// Light Sensor
size_mm=4, 4

gauge00=PMDG_737NGX!LightSensor, 0, 0, 4, 4

// Standby Panel
size_mm=80, 200
window_size = 0.5
gauge00=PMDG_737NGX!Standby, 0, 0, 80, 200


/////////////// VIRTUAL COCKPIT ///////////////////

If the new panel does not scale properly, you have to juggle with the numbers (size, window_size) It´s all explained in FSX-SDK.

This example is for default panel.cfg. If you use a addon like FS2Crew you need to use the next free numbers for windows entries.
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2018-11-20 01:42
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5571
Thank You !

I not try out to define this by hand.... Thought simply PMDG not support it cause in the other windows ( That exist as 2D Panel) there is a "possible klickpoint" in 3D Panel to open it. But i not see this klicksport there.

Summary... This is a good way. Whatever its not perfect. What you need is a Window that only include the Data of Standby Flight Display .... I would say most users plan to build the buttons and switches in real and use a little screen (LCD) that show the horizon....
So with your solution also the Panel is shown ( the Encoder on lower right for example blocks the screen)

But finaly.... Thats better like nothing !
Good Luck !
2018-11-20 07:06
Posts: 129

Thanks for that.

I agree with pizman, I was hoping just to get the data gauge part so I could add the buttons / switches. I have contacted PMDG and they said they will look into it for the next update, so fingers crossed. In the meantime, this is fantastic tho

2018-11-20 23:13
Posts: 101

I agree with pizman, I was hoping just to get the data gauge part so I could add the buttons / switches.

I didn´t understand the different between a gauge with frame and knob or without? In any way you need a monitor to show the instrument - if on a small LCD or on a big monitor, the encoder is in front of the screen inside the frame. Be aware, the knob is over the frame, not over the glass. You have to make the frame exactly like it is - look at PMDG_NGX_Main_Wide.bmp in panel folder. If you make your frame like in reallity, the virtual knob and surroundings will be cover with you self build frame. No need to wait for an update from PMDG.
I would use a 2mm alu plate as base panel and 5mm PVC or similar for the frames. An STEC11 encoder is only 6 mm thick, so it´s possible to attach it without having a big and strange distance between frame and monitor surface.
The RMI is a bit problematic, because the knobs slightly run over the glass, but it´s not that much. O.K. here is a gauge without knobs better, but anyway the challenge here is to find some small and flat switches. I have no idea where to get. Maybe here we have to make our own DIY-Switches. I would prevere a simple mechanic with reed relais and a magnet inside the knob. With some mechanical skills the switches can be build as a part of the frame.

2018-11-21 02:09
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5571
@ Gemu.

Basicly right.

This is just a Element i think a little compromise would be great. Why set a a Encoder directly over a screen ? In real the screen have correct dimensions. In Hc i pretty sure its hard to find a screen that have a "hole" lower right to mound a encoder.

Normaly i always say " Build as real as it get" .... But in that Case i would simply set the Encoder 5-10 mm lower Right.... Outside of the Screen. Same with the little Buttons.... If its more easy to build you can here simply work with some variations in dimension. For example Screen smaller by 10 mm to have space for mounting encoder and buttons more comfortable.

About the lower Instrument. Here i think there is no big Problem. Whatever a 3 way Stepper ( Shaft in Shaft for the needles and a Cogwheel from Above and below for the gauge itself) is verry Advanced !!!!! But i think this can be build mechanical and NOT must be used as a virtual Screen.
Good Luck !
2018-11-21 07:44