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Does any one know the maximum number of stepper motors and servo's that can be run off one board ? power is supplied seperate so its just signal.
I have an issue were my Arduino and mobiflight work perfect untill I connect the last guage in my panel and then mobiflight does not connect to my Arduino it see's it as a new board connected and asks if I want to upload the firmware, I'm wondering if this is because im running too my motors from 1 card.
I need to run :

8 stepper motors
6 servo's
1 LED display
6 encoders

reducing this to 6 stepper motors everything works fine, connection to Mobiflight and P3D work great, add another stepper and everyhting fails.

Any help would be much appreciated.

2018-10-27 10:16
From: ETSI, Germany
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When you look into the FAQ you see the limits !

Stepper and Servo are limmited to 10 each.... A combination is also possible... so 8 Stepper (32 Pins) + 6 Servos (6 Pins) + 1 LED Display (Not sure if you mean LCd or 7 Segment) (2-3 Pins )+ 6 Encoders (12 Pins)
summary.... too much pins.... 32+6+2(3)+12 = 52 (53) (Only 50 Pins are working as i know Pin 0 and 1 are not for use)

So i think THATS your Problem !

by the way... Simply use multible Megas here ( Pretty sure you also need Input Pins like buttons or LED Outputs and so on ) So split your Gauges to multiple Megas and fill up with other devices . then you have no problem! Otherwise reduce number of devices so you finaly not need more then 50 Pins !
Good Luck !
2018-10-28 02:39