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Hi, I have and Arduino Master connected to the mobiflight and is working fine outputs and inputs directly with the FsX, the fsuipc version that I have installed is V4.97 and the Jeehell fmgs is also working fine with the FSx BUT I can not get the offsets of Jeehell in Mobiflight..... I have tried with many different offset (bat 1 off, gpws off....) and nothing.
do you have any Idea how can make it work?
2018-10-12 10:27
From: ETSI, Germany
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Welcome to Mobiflight !

Your Problem have 2 possible reasons,

1. You use wrong Offsets,
Jeehell have a own Offset List ( It not use standard Offsets ). You find the List in your Manual. This PDF is located in the Jeehell installation folder.

2. You not install the PlugIn
Jeehell can handle multiple kinds of Data Comunication... For Example FSUIPC , SIOC and some others.
Basicly NO Dataoutput is activated in standard installation. YOU need to enable it !
I not use jeehell currently but if i remeber right this was a Option while installing (Checkmark) .

So You must try if you can install Jeehell "On top" of existing installation to get this function. If not possible you must de-install the existing jeehell and then make a NEW Install that Include the FSUIPC Data PlugIn.
Good Luck !
2018-10-13 11:50