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how do I properly set up an Encoder to Increment/Decrement the COM Frequency (Hz and kHZ) ? Do I have to use an EventID ( KEY_COM1_RADIO_HZ_SET
Sets Com1 frequency in Hertz )? My main Problem is: i don't know the Offset to increment/decrement because Jeehell does not give me this Information.

Whats the fastest solution to my problem ?

Software used: Mobiflight (latest Version) Prepar3d v4, FSUIPC registered Version and Jeehell B50.2.

Thank you.

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2018-09-30 18:04
From: ETSI, Germany
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Welcome to Mobiflight,

Myself i not use Jeehell.
In the past i help a other user to rebuild the Radio with mobiflight and we got some bigger problems.

Normaly AddOn Radio Panles work with the Standard FSX (P3D) System.... So the Radio is not simulated in the AddOn.... The Standard Offset are used.
In Jeehell Airbus there is a Hybrid System in use ( In the past.... Pretty sure today, too )
Here the "Active" Frequencys are combined with FSX.... So Jeehell "write" its own Active freqency to the FSX/P3D System . BUT.... The Standby frequencys are a internal Variable.
This Variables are NOT supportd via FSUIPC.... They are just supported via SIOC.


1. Work with SIOC.
You can use the SIOC System to controll Hardware (Via Opencockpit Cards) But you can also WRITE Data to a FSUIPC Offset with a SIOC Script. So you can create a script (programming this youreself) to EXPORT the Data to a Offset and you can READ this Offset via Mobiflight.
( Same is done with some Inputs..... So the "Jeehell Controls" must be done via Joystick Commands or again via SIOC scripts .... Cause this special functions have no FSUIPC Offset we can directly controll with Mobiflight)

2. A Improvisional System.
For us is Important.... We need a Active Freq, a Standby Freq and a SWAP Function.
It is no matter if "our" standby Freq i the same like in the virtual Jeehell System. We just need a System that the Standby Freq in OUR cockpit is swap to the Active if we push OUR Button.
So i would say it is possible to build the radios "paralell" to Jeehell. We are NOT synchron to Jeehell internal values.... But the RESULT is the same !
Normaly you use the FSX internal System here.
Aslong you not use the Virtual Jeehell Panels you will never see that there are different values there.... again: Important is only the result !

Note. this are just ideas from a NON Jeheel User..... For detailed Information you should talk to other Users or request information in the Jeehell Support Forum !
Good Luck !
2018-10-01 00:51
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Thank you for the detailed information.
2018-10-03 07:03