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I reallly like Mobiflight and I'm progressing quite well. I have the 7 sement displays working but I have a problem with the encoders. I searched on the forum but didn't find a solution. (At least not in english!)

I've configured the encoder to change the PMDG altitude using the event 70022 and the mouse wheel parameters 16384 and 8192.

The altitude increases when I turn the encoder right and it decreases when I turn the encoder to the left so that proves that the event and parameters are correct.
The problem is that it changes the altitude value by anything between 2 and 5 each step. I've tried changing the encoder type parameter but that makes no difference.

I know I'm using the ky-40 encoder which is not recommended for Mobiflight but it appears that some people have successfully used this type of encoder.

Could the ky-40 be the problem?
2018-08-24 15:38
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For some reason, Restarting FSX and Mobiflight has solved the issue and the encoder is working correctly.
2018-08-24 16:35
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi. Basicly a Restart is mostly the solution.

I don´t know what you do exactly in this situation..... But for example after a Firmware Update a Restart is high recommend.
Also after installing new devices.

In the past i see that without restart some devices send multiple Commands whatever they are used only one time.

This happens not on every situation but sometimes.....

So i decide myself to make a Reset of Arduino and Mobiflight ALWAYS after i change something on the Arduino (Firmware /Device)
Good Luck !
2018-08-25 10:37