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From: Netherlands
Posts: 8
Hey all!

I want to make some kind of replica of the Korry buttons for an MCP. So I ordered these.

But, I do not think these are the buttons I need. These buttons remain down when pressed. I think I need buttons that once pressed, automaticly return to their old state (only one position).

Question 1: How are these buttons called?
Question 2: These buttons must be controlled by pressing, but also when there is a change in the MCP itself, sometimes the LED on the button must be turned off without toughing the button. Can Mobiflight control that?

Update: I think I need the same buttons as on the link, but only in a non-fixed setup. I ordered the fixed version last time. Right?

Thanks for your time.

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2018-07-20 10:44
Posts: 171
Get the non fixed. If light on , push it will turn off. If light off, push it will turn on.
2018-07-20 12:17
From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1819
Hi Jeroen,

to 1: Thatchi is right. The non-fixed are also called momentary (MOM) switch
to 2: there are two things to consider: the switch consists of the switching unit and a display unit (LED).

The switching unit is actuated to effect something in the simulator. What is to be done is determined by an Event ID, so it is an input (from the outside), as seen from the simulator.

The result of this action will be displayed by the simulator. To display them, you need the corresponding offset. This is the output of the simulator that turns the LED on or off.

The LED is not switched on directly by pressing the switch, but by an action in the simulator, which can be queried with Mobiflight. It is therefore only switched indirectly.

So you have to include two devices in Mobiflight. Once the switch and a LED for the display, which is triggered by the switch. Look at the tutorial with the ParkingBrake for your understanding. Here, a switch is operated, on the one hand actuates the brakes, but this indicates by the illumination of the LED to the outside.

Thus, switches and LEDs are never directly connected (electrically), even though they are as a unit in a housing. Therefore, they also have separate connections.

If you ordered the "fixed", that's wrong, but you can certainly use that in the cockpit construction. Either you try to change the order or you order the "non-fixed" additionally.

If you want to use them as Korrys, you have to open the case and install a horizontal separation for the front, because the upper half is the label of the switch, which is always "on" and the lower half for the display of the condition (on or off) out).

I hope, things have become clearer to you now. Otherwise: just ask.
Stephan (Time: UTC+1)
2018-07-20 12:58
From: Netherlands
Posts: 8
Thatchi, thanks for your answer!

StephanHo, thanks so much for your extensive explanation! I will definitly order the non-fixed switches and keep your explanation at the ready when I need it! :)

I already received the other ones, but that's ok. Like you said, I can always use them for other stuff.

Kind regards,

2018-07-20 13:13
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5566

Stephan already said.... Korrys are splittet in 2 (or more) Parts.... A B737 Korry MCP Switch is labeld with text on Upper half (for example VNAV) and have a checkerfield area on the lower half.... Upper Led is White Lower Led is Green.

Your switches have ONE Led for the whole area.... So you can Print the label "VNAV" on it... But it is not Backlighted and its only iluminated when function is on !
If that is OK for you then all is fine.... if you like "real feeling" then you need alternates....

1. Real Korrys . VERRY Expensive cause they "realy real" Certificated for real Aircrafts.
2. Korry Replicas from vendor.... Also high expensive but much cheaper like the certificated ones.
3. DIY Korrys ( Cheap and if you do it good nerly 1:1 real ... But lots of work

If you have a own Lasercutter or CNC Machine ( or acces to it) then you can build verry professional stuff.
But you can also build it with a saw, some paint, a foil for laserprinter and a Acryl Block .... (all you also need is 2 LED and a micro Switch)

Use google for "DIY Korry switches"
Good Luck !
2018-07-20 22:57
From: Netherlands
Posts: 8
Thanks @Pizman82 I already found a DIY Korry I could 3D print! Going to try that as well! :thumbup:
2018-07-23 08:30