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From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1867
Hello everybody,

Have you also noticed that here people put in texts that interest nobody?

It is sad that no one is talking to them, but at such a low level of spirituality it is not surprising - then the communication remains one-sided.

They probably think it's great to fill the forum with garbage. At last, nobody can escape their stupidity, no one can control them here, nobody knows who it is (probably only insignificant gnomes). Kicking brings nothing, there are enough pseudonyms. New ID, new crap, no independent mental performance, just copy - paste.

I can imagine that these idiots think that they dominate the forum here. Well, imagination is also an education! Yes, let's go, write more rubbish. We endure that, but we also delete it. Is somebody happy about these posts, is your mind or your intelligence addressed by them? I suspect no. We can not help her life being boring, whispering about her behind the scenes, and it annoys her that nobody wants to be her friend.

It would be so easy to actively participate here. Everyone would be happy to hear about their questions and problems, to help them with the elimination. It would create a real dialogue and one would talk to them. But that's not wanted. Instead, it is primitive shot like a sniper from anonymity just to get a little attention.

Why do not they write emails themselves? They could react to themselves and discuss with themselves.

If they read this, they will be angry and become more active. Instead, they might be grateful that someone is reacting to them and their mental low-level flights. Normal or altitude flights do not seem to be possible - regrettable!

But here nobody can do anything about the fact that they just have an IQ of 1 point over a light switch, they still wet in bed and get nothing else in the series in their lives.

No, we do not hate them, poor creatures deserve our pity.

Maybe I've stirred up the right now and the forum will be filled with even more garbage. Should one tell them that they will not succeed in completing the hard drives of the provider in their lives? The only thing that costs us is a tired smile - out of pity

Presumably they have not read this text so far. It would certainly overtax her intellectually.
Stephan (Time: UTC+2)
2018-06-16 11:32
From: NW of KPWK, United States
Posts: 1516
I took care of it. Users are blocked and posts deleted.
Have a great day!

MobiFlight - Simply build your own home cockpit for your favorite flight sim - MSFS2020, FSX, Prepar3D (FSUIPC), X-Plane (XPUIPC)
2018-07-16 01:05
Posts: 22
I think at least jokergreen0220 is back
2018-07-24 12:26