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First, may I say, Mobiflight is a great utility!

I've made an autopilot panel based on the one in the Maule aircraft.
and Ive ran into a couple issues, so this is a 2 part question really.

I'm using a 16x2 LCD Display and to replicate how the actual aircraft version operates I need to display "ALT", "HDG", or "NAV" in different locations on the screen when the respective one is enabled and be removed with disabled. I've gotten the values like altitude and VS to display correctly with the rotary encoder.

I tried accomplishing this by creating a line configuration for the display with each possibility in the text window on the display tab in the LED displays configuration, with preconditions that would match what was enabled in FSUIPC. But when I saved and exited then reloaded Mobiflight the displays configuration was missing the preconditions I had setup and the checkboxes were undone and it wasnt displaying the variables I selected.

I read about an issue with LED Displays and not reloading properly if you use preconditions. Is there a resolution to this? Or is there another way to turn a group of letters on and off the screen instead of numerical values?
2018-06-01 03:22
From: ETSI, Germany
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THIS is a known BUG !
Until now Sebastian not reply about that. So i not know if there is a fix in progress.

So i would say your basic technic is correct.

If you like to Blank something on a LCD Display you need to use Preconditions and multiple Configs for the same Display.

If you just use 2 Configs same Time on ONE Display and you write for example
In Config 1 : ALPHA in Line 1 ( and let Line 2 empty)
In config 2 : BRAVO in Line 2 ( and let Line 1 empty)
THEN It crash.... cause Config 1 overwrite "BRAVO" with blank Spaces and Config 2 do the same with "ALPHA"
A Config controll always the FULL Display.... Unused Positions are Blank ! ( A selecting of diggits like in Max7219 LCD is not possible)

So to make this work you need a single Config for every "Situation" that can occure.
In Your Example you have 3 Data Inputs (ALT NAV HDG)
If every Data is shown only single then 3 Configs are needed. If you need a full blank then a config is needed.
If There can be a Combination like ALT and HDG is shown same time or all 3 values can ashown same time then you need also all possible variations....
000 - 001 - 010 - 011 - 100 - 101 - 110 - 111 . So you need 8 Configs !
BUT AGAIN !!!!! With the current BUG ( That basicly not happen for all users... some guys have no problems at the moment) THIS is not possible !

About Additional Question to LED Display.

Here its different... Here we can define by checkmarks WHAT Diggits are used. So a Config that write on Digit 1,2,3 will NOT Blank or overwrite diggits 4,5,6,7,8 itself.
Here every value is indipendent.

The BUG you talk about in LED Displays is NOT THE SAME like the Bug in LCD Displays. This problem is already reported to Sebastian ( Also without reply)
Summary... Without Bugs both systems should work..... With Bugs LCD is not useable ( Only on first use but after SAVE and RESTART all is gone) LED is also problematic if YOU got the Bug on your system.... then you need to TURN the Encoder for 1 Detent on every Switch between showed Display.... Else it stay Blank whatever it should be actve.

Appology for that.... But i can just report issues.... I´m not a programmer and can´t fix it myself !
Good Luck !
2018-06-01 07:11
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Thank you for the reply.

For now I will just have to use what is working. I hope someone eventually finds a solution because I really don't know another way to accomplish this.
2018-06-01 15:51