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Now I do not know how to solve my problem.
I have P3D v4 and have seen many users use Mobiflight to program displays etc.
Well, I have tried 3pcs of different arduino cards, one genuine and two chinese versions of Mega 2560 and mobiflight software cannot upload anything to them, only error.

When I look at card info in the Arduino software it is a genuine card with serial number.
But still Mobiflight obnly says error and unknown card.
Why is that??????

Have spent the last three days trying to figure out a solution but nothing works.
Sad it is not possible to add images here.

Is there another way to program displays 7 segment ones than using these irritating arduino cards?

OS: Windows 10, 64x
2018-04-05 13:45
From: EDDG, Germany
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Hello Sepbil,

Welcome to MobiFlight!

So right from your message does not show what you did or did not do.

First of all, each MEGA 2560 is recognized by Mobiflight as "unknown". Mobiflight can not know what's on it. It only recognizes Mobiflight modules.
For Mobiflight to recognize a MEGA as a module, the Mobiflight firmware must be installed on it.
You do not write if you have tried to install the firmware on your MEGAs. Can it be that you have not read about uploading the firmware at all? Then you could expect that you had written that the upload of the firmware did not work out.

I assume that you have both Mobiflight and the Arduino software installed on your computer. Before you can upload the firmware, you need to connect the Arduino MEGA via the USB bus and wait to see if the software for the USB interface has to be installed.

Then you start Mobiflight, go to the menu EXTRAS -> SETTINGS, select the tab Mobiflight Module and should now recognize under "connected modules" an unknown device. You click this with the left mouse button, then with the right one. There you select "update firmware" and wait for the message that the upload was performed without error.
Please note the path to your Arduino IDE before Mobiflight can load its firmware onto the MEGA.

Now you can leave the settings with OK and end Mobiflight, then immediately call it again. Now you go back to EXTRAS -> SETTINGS and go to the tab "Mobiflight Module". There you should be able to see there as a name MOBIFLIGHT MODUL. If you click that, you can change this module name in the NAME field.
Now your Mobiflight module is ready to receive devices and configurations. Right-click on the module name and go to the menu that opens on "New device".
So here you enter the devices that you want to connect to your module.

The best practice is first with the tutorial for the parking brake, first without, then with LED.

Once you've mastered this tutorial, take another tutorial of your choice. The important thing is to understand the things you do. Then you are on a safe path to implementing your plans.

If you have not understood things, the way to this forum is open again and you can ask the users here. Describe exactly what you have done so far and what you have not understood or where Mobiflight does not do what you expected of it.
Many of your questions have already been answered here in the forum, so you can help yourself by reading.

How to connect and operate with Mobiflight 7 Segmant ads, here is a variety of forum. Search for MAX7219.

Good luck and report here on your progress.
2018-04-05 19:17
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Good afternoon StephanHo,

Thank you.
First of all, I have no experience using Arduino at all.

After a few new tests I redownloaded the Mobiflight 7.4.x and all of a sudden things work and the Mobiflight detects my Arduino.
Now only a matter of how to get it to display the altitude for an example.

Thank you for your reply!
2018-04-05 22:12
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3691

Now only a matter of how to get it to display the altitude for an example.

Hi !

That can not be awnserd so easy.....

Mobiflight is a Tool to prevent Caual Users from Programming..... Normaly you have to write a own script that readout Information from Simulator, send it to Controller like Arduino..... and on Arduino you need again a own script that use the readout information and bring it on a display for example.

Mobiflight do all of this for you.... BUT You need to tell MF what it should do..... Use the Mobiflight GUI .... Fill the empty fields with needed Informations like Offsetadress, Outputdevice and so on.

As Stephan Said.... We have Tutorials for Input, Output and 7 Segment..... The other part like finding out the correct Offset is YOUR Work.... We not know what aircraft you use ( Standard, PMDG, Prosim, or something else) .... We not know if function is basicly supported by your aircraft.

Summary... Please learn and find out those basics youreself ( And use the tutorials and the 1000+ topics here ) If you finaly have a problem then simply ask ( With much details as possible) and we will guide you..... But Please understand we can not give every user a step by step guide for cockpitbuiling from a-z. That basics must be stud by everone himself !
Good Luck !
2018-04-06 00:44
Posts: 35
Hi all,

Well it is a lot easier as you said when you know my aircraft system. It is PMDG 737.
And I found a site here which finally worked,

But it is very hard to find issues just browising thousands of topics here.
Should it be possible to sort PMDG issues to its own library instead of mixing all issues together?

Open a library for FSX, PMDG, ProSim etc then it should be much easier to find topics.

Later today I will continue with the rest of the MCP and what I know now it should not generate any problems.

Thank you all for your replies!
2018-04-06 13:30
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3691
Shure... That would be better....
Problem is a bit this "poor" Forum software... Search function is not the best and i not be able to create new sub sections ( Only Sebastian)

BUT Basicly this is not the Problem.... Working with PMDG is the same like working with Standard Aircrafts or other Addons IF you already understand the basics.
For PMDG you only need to use a other list like for example with Prosim.... Other Offsets.... Other Events.... But basicly the same system....

We can help you if there is a Bug in Mobiflight.... and We can push you in right direction if you absolutly blocked..... But Basics need to learn by everybody themself.

Basics: You must know....
- How Binary System works
- How Hex Decimal System wokes
- Datatyps like INT, FLT, STRG ... Byte, Word, Dword , FLT32 FLT64 , Signed/Unsigned
- Basic BIT Logic
- How Logical IF ELSE THEN Functons work
- Operators like +-*/ >< => != % ( ) and so on.

I High recommend to learn this or maby just short overlfly it to get basic experience..... THEN All the stuff is much more easy and logical !
Good Luck !
2018-04-07 04:26