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Posts: 19
I used the script and yes i works, very nice.

But only a small part off the potmeter reflected on the virtual control of the panel
Rotate the potmeter from 0 to maxas result the virtual potmeter perhaps rotate 45 degrades etc.

I use a 10K potmeter is that oke or is a different value better.And then what is that valeu.

Except the temp potmeters (3) are there 2 moer voor the panel Lighting.
If I also want to use it, do I need a 2nd Leonardo.
Or is there another way on the first Leonardo.

With greatings
Henhy Horenberg
2019-09-23 18:59
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3505

How do you "set" your potentiometers in the flightsim ??
Basicly your potentiometer have a range from 0 to 100% ..... So You must define in the "controll settings" that it should controll for example the "Temp x" feature. And maby you must/can also define that the range of Input.... So the system know Potti 0% = Value x .... Potti 100% is value y .

In case i not know what AddOn you use..... Or if you set the axis in the AddOn, the Sim or in FSUIPC i cant help you at the moment.

About the Number of Potis..... Here you must get in contact with the guys who create the script. But basicly the limit of used USB Devices is big..... And you can also handle joystick inputs on a client Computer if you plan for a bigger Cockpit .... So i would simply add a new Arduino and not think about that.
Good Luck !
2019-09-24 06:31
Posts: 17

I know this isnt anything to do with mobiflight, but this is the only forum I can find with this specific detail.

Has anybody managed to make this work on the NGXu?

No matter what i do, the Event 69937, 69938, 69939 only turn anticlockwise, even if wires are reversed on the pots.

Any help would be appreciated hopefully Graham might see and be able to reply?

Many thanks

2020-06-20 08:44
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