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I´m attempting to develop a force feedback yoke using stepper motors for pitch/roll but need information on how to read the XPlane datarefs that provide the forces calculated by the simulator. From previous research and help from other people, I found that the datarefs I need to read from are:

What I need is help on how to add these datarefs to MobiFlight Connectror so that I may control the stepper motors based on these.

Thank you in advance for any help!
2018-01-07 03:08
From: ETSI, Germany
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Maby you still know.... Mobiflight can not direct handle XPlane ! Mobiflight is based on a comunication with FSUIPC (FSX/P3D)
BUT: There exist a programm called "XPUIPC" that "simulate" a FSUIPC Clone.
It reads/writes Datarefs and support it in a virtual FSUIPC plattform.
Mobiflight now see this virtual System in same way like the original FSUIPC ..... Summary Mobiflight means it talks to FSX instead of Xplane :-)

Your Problem:
This XPUIPC is programmed by some guys. They just read/write the main Data, that is need for the standard Offset table of FSUIPC.... But not more !
AND... There is no Grafic Interface there where you can add new stuff.
But it´s possible, too..... You must do that with code.
In the XPUIPC folder there is a file "xpuipcoffsets.cfg" ... Open it with a text Editor ( or beter Notepad++) and there you can add own code.
(its a short manual include, too) ....

Finaly... I not use Xplane and i not work with that cfg file.... You must try out and learn it youreself i think.
Basicly you need something like "READ Dataref xyz and WRITE Information to Offset abc" Don´t forget to define Typ and size of Offset !

If possible please share your result (script) HERE in Forum for other users !
Good Luck !
2018-01-07 09:38
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Thanks very much for your information.
I´ll start the research on how to code the offsets x datarefs on the .cfg file.
2018-01-08 10:38