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I am trying jeehell now and dont understand how to use its own Fsuipc offsets. For example heading output , offset is 73C3 and it says 2 bytes. thats all. In your config wizard , what should I write the more options section? What is BCD mode and when should I use it? Same question for altitude and speed of course.
Another problem is encoder. Cant make it work even for default airplanes. In value section what should write? In examples you write some if condition in which language? I will look for it. And increasing those values which values should i write?
Finally , I wish you made an english version of documentation , it is like explaining everything maybe even my questions but I dont understand :)
2015-05-08 12:10
From: Solar System
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Hello Inancatil,

technical questions like BCD etc. can easily answer the developer. He reads every day in this forum so stay tuned in please.

I'm also using Jeehells FMGS software and reading out the offsets via FSUIPC is easy and works with MobiFlight Connector. All values are displayed correctly in rmp, xpdr, batt etc. Very important are the "Multiplizier" values you have to set in MFC for each offset. They control the values to be displayed. MAybe it's helpful for you to go through the MF Tutorials for Output etc. Or I can take a look into my configuration and reply but not before Sunday.

Hm, I don't have experiences with default airplanes in FSX/P3D but I can definitively say that Jeehells FMGS doesn't allow to control encoders via MobiFlight Connector. Jean-Luc has implemented a "datapipe" to transfer the values for HDG, SPD, ALT, V/S and QNH - concretely it processes two offsets at exactly the same time, and MFC isn't able to handle that (yet) :rolleyes:
If you are in the comfortable situation to own p'n'p units for your FCU as from Skalarki or FDS, Jeehells software works perfectly. But in that case you wouldn't need MobiFlight... ;)

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2015-05-08 13:31
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Thanks for clear answer. I will wait for your config :). And can you say how can I find or calculate "multiplizier" value and which mask value I should I use?
For encoders, okay it wont work with jeehell yet , but I cant even make it work with defaults. Examples are working but they also have different values and I dont know where to find them. For example 1 of the examples include "if condition" in the value box. How can I know what I need to write.
And no I dont have any other units , trying to make 1 general fcu. Bored of using mouse to control for autopilot controls :)
2015-05-08 15:42
From: NW of KPWK, United States
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Hello inancatil,

the regular offsets are documented in the FSUIPC developer documentation - all information from there can easily transferred to the fsuipc dialog of MFConnector . The BCD option is also explicitly mentioned in the FSUIPC Offset documentation. See FSUIPC SDK for the documentation at

For addon specific offsets you must chech the offset documentation of the vendor.

The documentation for the expression syntax, that can be used in the value-field can be found at:

I am currently working on the translation and update of the documentation of MobiFlight Connector. Feel free to use Google translate in the meanwhile.
Have a great day!

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2015-05-12 11:33
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Sorry for late answer , I was busy with my school. Thanks for the links. I checked them and I know basic programming. For value part, I still have no idea to write for heading, altitude and speed. As I understand , if I write "$+1" , it adds 1 to current value. But it doesnt work. In NAV example , you send 3 variables in value part. I am very confused. Also the documentation only describes outputs. I couldnt find anything for inputs. Can you please just write your heading encoder settings?..
2015-06-04 15:07
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The FSUIPC values are modified values and need to be returned to true values with additional calculations. For example, to change one degree of heading the value is $+182. You need to look into FSUIPC documents to find the calculations. It came with your FSUIPC installation.
2015-06-05 06:08
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Thank you , I finally understand
2015-06-05 12:31