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Hello all!

I recently got started on my new project with the Arduino Mega and this fantastic (!!!) piece of software.

I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a "mode" system like there is on many professional joysticks and controllers such as the Saitek pro flight yoke.

What I mean is illustrated by the following example:
Let's say I have a 7 segment LED display, and a rotary switch with 3 positions.
When the rotary switch is on position 1 the 7 segment display will show IAS.
Position 2 - Heading
Position 3 - Altitude
Thus we are tripling the number of things that can be done, with only a simple switch.

Is anything like this at all possible?
Any solution/suggestion which works and is within reason is more than welcome.

Thanks for your time and help!
2018-08-03 00:08
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Hi Yaniv!

Yes, ist possible. For example, with a 12 notch rotary switch you can display 12 different simulator states and change that way with 1 encoder. I have a Multi-Radio with 2 Displays and I can switch between Com 1/2, Nav 1/2, ADF and Transponder.

In Mobiflight it´s not possible to set variables, but you can use a free offset in fsuipc. First free offset is 66C0. Then you write for each position on your switch an integer value into this offset, for example 1 for Heading, 2 for Altitude, 3 for what ever you like...
This offset you can use as conditions for the display and the encoder.

The practical handling with radio frequencies is doable, because there is no need to change frequencies often, but for a MCP I would NEVER use a singe display, because this is not practical changing quickly all time the Dispays on the MCP. Of course you can do this, but I shure you, you will hate that shortly.

May you search for Multi-Radio in this forum, the technical way to realise your display is the same.


2018-08-04 18:38
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Yaniv.... Welcome to Mobiflight.

Please report if Problem is still solved and you find a solution.... else i try to help you !

Basicly Gemu explane everything.....
Mobiflight was designed to work with preconditions.... and this Preconditions use ALWAYS a Offset Value (so a internal Value of Simulator) as indicator.

Its easy to say " IF Altitude is bigger then 10.000 ft THEN Display should show COM1 .... ELSE if Altitude is less then 10,000 ft THEN Show COM2 "
Cause here we can readout the Altitude Offset and use THIS for indication.

Otherwise it is NOT possible to use a Switch Position ... So it is NOT possible directly... BUT with a bypass.

Like Gemu say.... The trick is to Write a unused Offset.... If Your Switch is in Pos1 we write this Offset to 1 if Switch is in Pos2 we write it to 2 (and so on)
NOW we can Read this improvisional Offset and can use this value for Indication.
Like " IF "OffsexXY" is 1 THEN show COM1 ... If "OffsetXY" is 2 Then show COM2 and so on.
Same work for Inputs.... So a SINGLE Encoder can controll for example ALT, HDG,CRS,VSpeed... Always in case what position a indicator Rotary switch is at the moment!

Try out the "Precondiiton" Tab ! Thats the Key !

Last Note: We know this is not the smooth way of working. Maby in a future version we try to give the user a "better" way... But that need a complete redesign of Mobiflight Logic ( read Input State on command and using of Internal Variables by user) ..... I can not garantee if Sebastian will implement this ever.
Good Luck !
2018-08-22 06:27