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From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi guys.

Last Day i startup with testing VJoy..... Realy Cool Feature.
While testing i start thinking about additional usage of this Tool.

For a Switch (NON momentary) the feature is logical..... ON Press i can choose "Button ON" For On Release i can choose "Botton Off"

For a Momentary Button i can do the same .... Shure here it can happen i like to Push a Joystickbutton and "hold" it aslong i hold my Momentary Button .... And release it with my button. So the "ON" and "OFF" is ok, too. ,,,,, Whatever in 99% of situations here the button would be Pushed and released in one sequence.

Now the Problem.... The Encoder !

Here we got already Problems in the past to find a way to set a Encoder for a Joystick Button wich is not possible with Mobiflight ( Not in the past.... not now)
Only way is using a LeoBodnar or a Selfbuild Arduino Micro/Leo with the Lib of Mr Heronimus ( Both recive encoder signals and will execute joystick Presses and releases )

So i see in New Mobiflight 7.5 the Option "VJoy" is already chooseable in the Encoder Tab (for example "On Left" BUT Then there is not showing a Setting field like in Button Tab.
Shure i understand.... it makes finaly no sence cause a Encoder have no "Release" so we can not set the Joystick Controll....(Pretty shure thats why it not show a setting field)


Is it possible to rework the VJoy Feature.... So it support a 3rd. Option .... Additional to "Button ON" and "Button OFF" we would need a Option "Button Trigger ON-OFF"
For example "Button On ... Wait 20ms ... Button Off"

If this would be possible then we have 2 benefits.....

1. For Momentary Buttons we not need to set Press and Release each single if we just want a onetime Press/Release Combination
2. With this option we should be able to use encoders with VJoy, too.

What do you think about?
Good Luck !
2018-07-29 09:06