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first of all congratulations for this excellent piece of software which makes all of us fsimmers happy when use it.

I've started building an A320 cockpit using FSX, Jeehell & Mobilflight.
I have all the panels assembled, backlighted, with all buttons, switches, corries and led displays attached and connected to a PCB board behind each panel. So all input / output signals can wired from each panel to the arduino boards loaded with Mobiflight software.
Everything is going to be controlled by JeeHell software and it's offsets through Mobiflight.

My question is how can I control the buttons, the green indication leds and the led displays on ACP, RMP & TCAS panels.
I couldn't locate any FSX or Jeehell offsets for those buttons, respective leds and displays, for example:
• the CALL, MECH, ATT buttons and leds in ACP (potentiometers are simulated within JH software)
• frequency active & stby led displays, VHF1, VHF2, HF1, HF2, AM, VOR, ILS etc buttons and leds in RMP
• the keypad in TCAS panel.
I can see in the latest versions of Jeehell the software ACPs and RMPs but I cannot find any offsets related with these panels in order to make the electrical assignements & connections to make my hardware DiY panels operable.

Since there are other simmers who have already done this I kindly request here any posible help from the community to overcome this issue. Any help/directions/ideas would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
2018-07-03 13:26
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hellas to Greek.

As you already find out..... Mobiflight is based on FSUIPC.
So we normlay work with AddOns that work also with FSUIPC.

The Problem. Big Payware AddOns like PMDG talk to Pete Dawson ( The Dev of Fsuipc) and maby give him some money and so they get a hudge Offset Range for there Projects.
Jeehell FMGS is a Freeware. and come allive later.... So today there are not much Offsets available. ... Result Jehell get only a short limitted Offset Table.

In That case not all functions of Airbus A320 are supported to FSUIPC ( Simply cause there is not enough space there)
I think the guys from FMGS decide to support the important basic functions ( for Standard HC´s) and not support the specific panels.


About OUTPUT :

Jehell support ALL Functions via SIOC . You maby know SIOC is the Compiler for the OpenCockpit Card Hardware.
If you like you can stop working with Mobiflight and do ALL stuff via OC Cards ( But this is verry expensive and need own programm skills a bit)

Alternate with Mobiflight :
YOU need to build a "bridge" between SIOC and Mobiflight. SIOC get the Data from Jeehell.... Mobiflight need the Data on a FSUIPC Offset.
So you need to Tell SIOC it should send the Data NOT to a OC Card... .. It must now send the Data to a free FSUIPC Offset so Mobiflight can read it from there.

This is Possible ! Simply Google for That " SIOC to FSUIPC Offset Write Read "

( Another Alternate : Maby it´s possible to write a LUA Script in FSUIPC that get the Data directly from Jeehell maby Simconnect or LVar ... here i not get information)



Here it is possible Via SIOC too, whatever to difficult i think. Jeehell not support all Inputs Via FSUIPC. BUT All Inputs via Key Settings in its own Software.
In that case i recommend to work with Joystick Controller. ( Note there is a Tool VJoy in new 7.5 release ... Maby this helps, too)
If VJoy is not the solution then think about MEGA-JOY or another Arduino to Joystick Converter OR by a LeoBodnar Board.

Last Note: there is a User here (HansPeter i think) that have a nerly full Cockpit with FMGS. Maby he can awnser here !
Good Luck !
2018-07-18 04:13