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I try to understand something how to use Lvars from the new maddog linda profile very detail.
There are a lot of lvars inside and i don know how to extrapolate and interface with mobiflight.

i studied many tiem the lvars tutorial, but i found some confusions on how interface with mobiflight.
There is other tutorials especially for the 7segment displays?

many thanks,
2018-06-15 23:24
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5566

At first....
You request help in different topics but not tell us what you realy do.
In a other spot you talk about the "leonardo maddog" like its a special Arduino Version.... now you say Maddog is a Linda Profile ?? What the hell is "Maddog" ??

So tell us...
1. What System ... FSX, P3D, Xxplane
2. What Aircraft .... Standard, Addon ... what addon
3. What Controller .... Mega, Uno , ???
4. What is your EXACT problem ?


About LVars.

Note... Mobiflight will not work with LVAR at any time.... And not in the near future.
Mobiflight ONLY talkes to FSUIPC ( and nothing else)

Most AddOns work over FSUIPC.... Especialy the real good and expensive ones like Prosim and Magenta. ... Middle Price AddOns like PMDG work also via FSUIPC most time.
So the Lvars are used on systems that not designed for homecockpits directly ( Like Aerosoft)
(( Additional nearly all aircrafts work via SIOC by the way))

NOW: As you said there is a tutorial for Lvars in this Forum.
You see there that is like a self written compiler.
In that script ( That will run in FSUIPC internal) you say for example FSUIPC should READ or WRITE a Value from/to a LVAR and should support it on a FSUIPC Offset of your choice.
So finaly MOBIFLIGHT again will NOT see or work with Lvars.... It already talk to FSUIPC and read/write Offsets.... But THEN you self written script "translate" this informations from the Offsets to a Lvar.... OR read a Lvar and support the Data to a offset so Mobiflight can read it.


There is other tutorials especially for the 7segment displays?

NO. Cause its no matter if you light a LED or a 7 Segment or use a Motor ... or make a Input.
This SCRIPT is simply to "translate" Informations from FSUIPC to LVAR and reversed.
When its translated you can read the value and show it ot a Display in same way as it will be a original Value of a Standard Offset.

I Hope thats explane you what you need.

If you want no problems simply use a AddOn that support FSUIPC 100%..... if not YOU must create a compiler script youreself !
Good Luck !
2018-06-16 13:13
Posts: 91
Hi Pizman,
thank you for your reply.
I'm actually making a lot of confusion and I apologize. My project is to interface with mobiflight button switch encoders led segment for the Maddog2018 "leonardo"
Im using and test on:

1. What System ... P3D v4.2
2. What Aircraft .... payware addon "Maddog Leonardo 2018"
3. What Controller .... Mega2560
4. What is your EXACT problem:

I have for my test before build a own mcp an mcp combo vrinsigth and using it with LINDA and the new profile maddog2018 for it (is a lua script and alla functions work very well).
Lvars are used on this profile and work perfect. so if i see the tutorial of lvars i note that only a small code to interface light for the majestic is used.
But the lua file from profile that i intend to use include all the functions of a maddog and i dont understand hot to interface single lvars with the component of mobiflight.

What fdo you intend mobiflight is not for thi use? ther are all the possibility like lvars for use it, i dont understand why i need to use fsuipc if i havent an interface able to read me display. Fsuipc is great with joystick card or leo bodnar cards, but i dont know other interface for 7segment for example.
The maddog have complete control event and lvars to use with fsuipc or other interface.
2018-06-16 17:33
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5566
Ok Now its a bit more clear....

I´m sorry but i never heard the word "Maddog" before ( Inly in back to Future III There was Biff "Maddog Tannen" :P
And i not find a Wikipedia Entry that THIS is a nickname for a" McDonell Douglas"
Also "Leonardo" is a kind of Arduino Controller..... That make the confisung perfect :-)

About Question.

I Not work with LINDA. But as i know LINDA is such a "AddOn" Tool for FSUIPC.... With Linda you get a much better interface to make Inputs ( Maby Outputs, too i dont know) . But Finaly Linda do the same as a programmer.... it write a Lua Script for you that finaly DO what you tell it in Linda settings.
(That means.... All you can do with LINDA can be done by scripting in LUA by hand, too. )
I HOPE this is correct,,,, I not Use it but thats the way i understand it !!

To give you a final awnser my experience is to poor.

I can only say... MOBIFLIGHT need to talk to the FSUIPC Offset Table. ( Or use EventID that are a part of FSUIPC too) .
If LINDA have a special "Maddog Tool" that support the LVar translation for you then maby you can use this results also with Mobiflight.

Here i not know your Linda Maddog tool..... If it for example write the information from LVAR of MCP Heading to Offset XYZ .... Then you can also read Offset XYZ via Mobiflight to show it on a Display.
Same for Inputs.... If Your tool in LINDA tells FSUIPC that Event XYZ is writing a special LVAR then you can use this Event also with Mobiflight.
( If there is just a posible way to set Joystick Buttons i would recommend to NOT work with Keysend. then simply work with Joystick HID Controllers finaly)

Summary... You need the explaned compiler. to work with Mobiflight for Outputs ... No matter if you write it yourself like in tutorial or if your "LINDA Tool" is the same we talk about.
Maby you should request help in the Maddog Support Forums..... The can help you much better like me i think ! Ask specialy for the LINDA tool and explane you need to read a Value via a Offset by a third Party Software ( Mobiflight) .
Good Luck !
2018-06-16 22:24