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I'll use Project Magenta offset 0X55EC bit 2 as output for a LED with Mobiflight
I'm not able to select the bit option in the dropdown menu

How can I handle "bit" with Mobiflight


2018-03-30 21:49
From: ETSI, Germany
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You need to work with the "mask with" function. (Located in the FSUIPC Tab of Input and Output Configs )

You can enter the Hexadecimal Value for the Bit OR you can click on the "..." field on the right.
THERE you can checkmark each single Bit ( Active means bit in use.... empty field means bit NOT in use )

Additional Infos.
1. Bits are nubered from 0-7 in a Byte ... So BIT2 is the THIRD Bit from Right..... Not the Second one !
2. Input via Mobiflight is only possible to ONE Bit.... Masking multiple bits is not working and result in a setting of all bits into 1 or 0 simmular)
Output can go over more Bits..... You can read for example a half Byte ( Bit 0-3) in one sequence.
3. In Mobiflight Value of a BIT is not 1 or 0 whatever you read only One Bit.... Value is the Binary Number filled up with Zeros.....
For example Bit 3 is "1-TRUE" Then the Byte is internal show as 0000 1000 ... so Output vaue of this Config is "8". ( Whatever the Readed Bit itself is 1)
Think about this if you work with Compare or Preconditions !
Good Luck !
2018-03-30 22:47