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Posts: 29
I have built my radio panel with the MAX7219 LEDs, rotary encoders and switches on an Arduino Mega 2560. On default aircraft, the panel works good.

Then I switched to PMDG 737 NGX and changed the FSUIPC in MobiFlight to use EVENT ID and the PMDG SDK offsets. I have not programmed the encoders yet. I am starting simple to make sure MF is communicating with the PMDG.

My LEDs are receiving the COM & NAV frequencies from the PMDG.

I have a simple pushbutton connected to PIN 34 and GND. In MF, I programmed this switch as the EVT_COM1_TRANSFER_SWITCH (ID 70353). I want to use this switch to swap the standby and active frequency. In MF, the Param is 536870912 (Left mouse click).

After uploading the config to the Arduino and running MF, the PMDG does not respond when I push the button. I also tried one of the encoders to test, using the EVENT ID for inner selector knob and the PMDG is not responding.

[UPDATE] I exited MobiFlight and reloaded the program. Seems to be working now. :confused:
2017-07-28 05:57
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Ok. Looks like problem is fixed...
Sometimes a restart after seting new configs (board upload) is needed. I can´t reproduce that but this happend not often and is no problem in a finished system.

To PMDG basicly.....
Look up with the Radio Panel.... Here not everything can be used in Homecockpits. Some things (Like ADF Standby) are not exportet and are only internal.
And Note : Here you not recive the Frequencys from the PMDG.... They come from FSX. PMDG ( And 90% of all AddOns) NOT have a own COM System and simply use FSX !

To prevent future problems get shure the follow....
1. Update FSUIPC to current version (For PMDG 737NGX it should not be older then 2016)
2. Update your PMDG . B737NGX is actual Version SP1d
3. Get shure you open Data Broadcast in the INI File
Good Luck !
2017-07-29 15:35
Posts: 29
Good info pizman82. Thanks!

I am getting the output from FSUIPC offsets and input using PMDG SDK offsets. It's working. I ordered some new (better looking) tactile switches and other hardware so the radio project is on hold until it arrives.

I am also building a separate MCP, chaining together 3 MAX7219 LED tubes - it's a bit of soldering to do but it will be worth it.

2017-07-31 22:31