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Hi all.
i have a problem with the 7 segment display...
i made a video where i explane my problem.
i hope somewone can help me? :|
2017-03-29 12:03
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Thler
Welcome to Mobiflight !

First Thank you for the Video...... so reproducing the problem is much easyer like on lots of other help requests here.
For next time TWO important informations are missing..... WHAT Aircraft do you use ? ( a Addon maby)
AND you not show me the Mobiflight Menu on the screen while or after the Display Crash..... would be intresting to see if theres an issue in Mobiflight at this moment.

So Basicly we have 2 posible issues for this Situation... A Software problem.... Or a Hardware problem. ( High likely it is a Hardware Problem)

1. Hardware:
These kind of displays i got too. Cheap (Maby 3-5$) chinese Max7219 (Blue) with fix mounted Display Tubes.
This Babys got one problem.... They got VERRY sensitiv contacts on the outer sides ( The 5 Pins in and out ) If you got not a PERFECT Solder Point there came to an issue.
I See in youre Vid that the Display Lights up brighter for a short moment and then crash..... For me a indication for a "Wobble contact".
Additional i see you not solder it... Only use JumperWires.... That can be a big Problem with these Displays.
If Posible Solder a 5 Pin Header on it ( Work verry precisely ) and then connect these witth the Arduino.
(I think this will oslve the Problem allready )

2. Software
I´m a little confused about the Offset ( I not use this in my Cockpit) BUT there is NO note for BCD Mode in the FSUIPC Offset List.
Looks like it work already with BCD activated in youre config at the start.... but i don´t know why it workes. ( Can´t test this at the moment... I´m not on My FSX Computer now)
To Exclude a Software Problem i would request you to test the Display with a Standard Output... Please use the Preset for COM1 Active in the Mobiflight Preset List
This should show you the Frequency in 4 Number Format..... 121,50 is shown as 2150 ( Not wonder) ....

I like you to test this.... If you change the Frequency in FSX for some time while Display running..... Does the Display Crash too ????

I think 99% it´s the Solder/wire Problem ! BUT you can test with another Offsetsetting to exclude the "Software Issue" Option and maby save 20 Minutes for soldering !

Please Report experience !
Good Luck !
2017-03-29 13:14
Posts: 2
hi... tank you.. i will get back with the result as soon as i can. :rolleyes:
2017-04-04 15:57