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Posts: 64
hello, today has time test this and i add stepper pin 22,23,24,25.
FSUIP offset 0x2400 not can add only 2400.
float, 8 byte.
mask 0xfffffffff,,,,
mega, stepper
name stepper 1,
sim/stepper 1 left box and 3500 right box'
test 500
zero have only -1+1 etc, bush button zero ,.
and now bush button TEST. no working no save conficure no do anything ????
how compare ?
and precondition ?
i orden this kit,
power come 5volt to uln board and gnd whit arduino mega too.
why not working, what is wrong, i no understand now :(
2017-01-17 13:19
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3740
Dear masawee.

Please read again my last anwnser on page 1 (The post direct before youre question )

I Told you sim Stepper need to be 3500 Left box ( Not 1) and your decided Motorsteps right.... Use Maby 2048 at the moment.

Second i told you in last posting that Test Button is not nesesary for us..... In Youre situtation normalay the Stepper should turn Clockwise 500 times a full circle, cause you told him a circle is "1" and you give him the value 500 for testing.
If you Change the Inputs above into 3500/2048 and use "Test , 500 " then the needle should turn clockwise maby 50° to the 2 o clock position..... For youre understanding.....
Then we said: A full cirqule is 3500 and we give him a test value of 500... Means 1/7 So the Needle turns right 1/7 of a full cirqule.

Last thing ( think this is problme why youre testbutton not work) .....
If you want to "test" the config be shure the connector is in STOP mode. If it´s running and FSX is online then the Motor gots two values same time.... The Original Offset AND the Test Value. This result in youre suscribed "Do Nothing".

Good Luck !
Good Luck !
2017-01-18 09:52
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