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Hello friends, I hope you can help me because I'm going crazy, I need to control knobs for the robinson r22. Join the encoder to pin middle ground and the other 2 to a similar pin plate (5 and 6) selected output and income the action type "fsuipc offset" and here comes the problem as they do not come axes control in the preset and try to add manually but nothing happens. Seeking the throttle offset and appear for example 310A with a size of 2 and does not work, add in the left and right. Also try it with the event id with the option to throttle axis set but does not work.

For FSX and default robinson R22, fsuipc v4.957b, MF 7.0.5, win10, arduino mega2560

PS: Can create a forum in Spanish? XD haha ​​sorry for my English

Hola amigos, espero puedan ayudarme ya que estoy volviéndome loco, necesito hacer los mandos de control para el robinson r44. Ingreso el encoder con el pin del medio en tierra y los otros 2 a un pin analogo de la placa (5 y 6) selecciono output e ingreso el action type "fsuipc offset" y aqui viene el problema ya que no vienen los ejes de control en el preset y los intento agregar manual pero no pasa nada. Busco los offset del acelerador y aparecen por ejemplo el 310A con un tamaño de 2 y no funciona, los agregue en izquierda y en derecha. Tambien intente hacerlo con el event id con la opcion de axis throttle set pero tampoco funciona.

PD: Pueden crear un foro en español ? XD perdon por mi ingles jaja
2016-10-28 15:30
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hello Rodrigo

sorry but i don´t understand complete what you try to do....

Looks like you want a "Input" to controll a function in the Simulator with youre encoder....
BUT also you write

selected OUTPUT and income the action type "fsuipc offset" and here comes the problem

Confusing !

Summary Mobiflight normaly is not working like a potentiometer for axis controll. But you can use maby a trick to build that with a encoder.... But the Offset 310A is already wrong i think.
If you tell me exact WHAT you want to set with this rotary Encoder may i can help you. ( Engine Throttle, Pitch ??? )

Good Luck !
Good Luck !
2017-01-12 04:18