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Posts: 48
Can someone explain more deeply how the settings of the mobiflight 7 segments work.

- What is left padding exactly?
- What is the space meaning?
- Example how to use the interpolation values?
- How to use the Pre.condition?

The thing is. I have built my own module with pcb n the stuff.
I didnt get the proper datasheet for my 5 digit segments its a KYX3561AS and i cant find datasheet anywhere so i have to find my way forward.
As per now all the digits are showed the wrong way, meaning the last digit is at the front etc.
A solution for this could be to just swap the DIG0-4 around until the digits is at the right spot. OR i can find out a way to move em around in the software to Place them in the correct spot.

Any ideas? Would be very grateful for answers =) Ill show my Project here when done.

Also Sebastian.
Is it ok for u if i print a Mobiflight logo on my panels? "MobiFlight Ready" or something and ur logo? Im doing the same with Pilotedge logo.
2016-12-28 13:46
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Dear Japmaco

Lots of questions.... :-)

First Left Padding / Space.....
This function is used to tell the Display how it should "fill up" the not used Display Diggits..... I Will give you some examples, but you should try yourself with maby the Autopilot Altitude Display so you quickly see what this options done....
If you use a 5 Diggit Display and want to show "12345" The Display shows 1 2 3 4 5 (All diggit Use)
If you just want to show a smaler Value with 4 places on a 5 Diggit Display like " 1234" The Display now shows 1 2 3 4 0 (Cause it´s always starts on the Left Diggit and fill up with Zeros to the Right)
If you now use "Left Padding" the System put the Value to the right side.... "1234" now is shown as 0 1 2 3 4 ( This is used in Course Display B737 Course is not 30° its shown as 030° )
If you use "Left Padding with Space and not 0" then the filled Zero on the left are Spaces ( Not shown Diggits) so "1234" is then _ 1 2 3 4 with a clear diggit on Left side. This is used for Altitude Display in B737.... It should show 13500 Feet but it should show lower values for example 1000 ft and not 01000 . ( We don´t need the "0" On left there so we take "space")

Hope you understand.... Just Try out.... This is realy self explanatory.

Interpolation values.
This Option is used normaly not for Displays.... it´s for Motors and gauges..... But short explaned... You Read a value from a Offset and define a Scale (maby 1-100). With interpolation you can Say... If Offsetvalue = 1 then Scalevalue =1 ..... If Offset Value = 16635 then Scale Value = 100 .
The Interpolation now calculate the intermediate steps.... So it knows e.g. 8317 = 50 . For difficult systems the interpolation can do this work with lots of steps and can work with non linear Values too. But Again... This is normaly NOT for 7 Segment Displays !



Please look in the Turtorial for information.....

Short explaned:
The Precondition define when a Config is working.... You need this for lots of things..... In Display Building it´s usefull if you want to show different Things in One Display.
For Example the Speed Display in B737 It shows the IAS Speed and the Mach Speed like "240" or ".85" even what mode is activated.
To get this work you need to config BOTH Displays with a config entry each.... And now you have to set a Precondition " IAS only work when IAS mode is activated" and "Mach only work when Mach Mode is activated"

pls. research the Board here.... There are lots of Topics that explaned this function for different situations.

Wrong Display Logic....
I don´t know youre self builded Displays.... Normaly all displays with Max7219 Module get the same Logic.... The Diggits are from Left to Right. Use the Test Mode in Mobiflight to see what Diggit in youre Display is what diggit in Mobiflight..... If the logic is different you need to rewire the Cathodes.....

With youre sellf builded Displays is highly recommend, that you work with same Pin Logic like every Board you buy on Ebay. Do NOT wire it different.

Hope this helps...

Good Luck !
[Last edited by pizman82, 2016-12-28 15:18]
Good Luck !
2016-12-28 15:10
Posts: 48
Thanks alot. I was building my pcb design from the wrong datasheet of 7 segments. Im using the 3561AS and the datasheet was from 3551A, so i had to swap all the DIG1-5 on the pcb from each 5digit display. But after 2h of soldering i got it to work.

Im now finished with my own design of Com/Nav radio module with custom pcb. And i LOVE it =)
I will now start to make the other Components to build a complete radio stack.

Picture of complete panel.
2016-12-28 19:53
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Nice to hear it workes....

Looks professional.... But maby you think about a little space between the Displays..... It´s maby difficult to seperate the frequence without a "space" between 2 displays.....

And whats the box use for in back of youre panel ?? I see that all Doublerow Pins are wired to it. Looks interesting. Please explane this element.
Good Luck !
2016-12-28 23:48