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Posts: 47
How could I assign two functions to a led?
For example, the green "ON" windows heat #1 annunciator can be lighted for two reasons:
1) when the window heat left side is on, and
2) when the switch OVHT-PWR_TEST is used.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards,

2016-12-26 20:19
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Hi Jose

What AddOn Aircraft do you use ?? PMDG ??

Every AddOn use different Offsets.... The cheap ones maby do not simulate all functions.....

For PMDG the Window Heat function workes completly logical.....
You only need to set for LED the right Offset...
Green Light (ON) is Offset 64A6 -64A9 (left to right)
red orange Overheat is 64A2 - 64A5 (Left to Right)
If you Use the "Test" Button for ON or Overheat the LED´s lights up .... If its Realy On or Overheated they´re lights too..... This workes cause the Offset of the Annunciators change from 0 to 1 .... doesn´t mater if the Test Buton is used or the Real Status is right shown.

But to awnser maby youre next question..... If you not get a working offset for light test (other Addon) you need to create a Second Config and a Precondition in Mobiflight. First Config controlled the LED by the Regulary Offest ... the Second Config light the LED everytime the Testingswitch is in ON Position. To clear Conflicts between this Configs you need to set a precondition.... In that example you need to tell the Standardconfig " Only Work if Testingswitch is OFF" So it work normaly all the time.... But if you Push the Testingswitch to ON, the Standardconfig is Offline and the "Testing Config" now active Say " Light LED as long the Testing switch is pushed"
Good Luck !
2016-12-27 00:44
Posts: 47
Thanks. I will try.
Best regards,

2016-12-27 07:04