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I have searched the forum and YouTube on how to swap the displayed values on 7 segment displays...
My setup is a Radio stack with 2 7 segment displays for Active and Stand by com frequencies. I've added a switch ON/OFF/ON to be able to swap between Com 1 and Com2.
I was not capable to understand how to setup the relationship between the switch and the displayed values on the 7 segment displays.
A help for a complete newbie to Mobiflight would be SO MUCH appreciated :w00t:
Anyway, Mobiflight is the most pleasant and accessible tool, so thank you to the genius who created it and to the generosity of the community
Thanks for the help!!
2024-02-03 19:04
Posts: 2
I simply used a button, not a switch, and set for COM Swap
2024-04-04 19:38
Posts: 1
I am also a complete newb and interested in this. I have created a VHF panel with a button for com1 and com2 so 2 complete buttons. IF I hit com2 id like it to display on the active and standby 7 segments. I'm also having issues understanding how to go about this.

Thanks for your time
2024-04-20 06:24