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New in the realization of modules to improve my walks in A32nx of FS2020, I work under Windows 11 and Mobiflight 10.2.1. Since the beginning (3 months) I encounter two problems that do not allow me to continue correctly. Indeed, I started by making the tutorials offered. I am sure that the electrical and electronic parts work properly but I get nothing good. All cards tested (4) are perfectly recognized (Mega 2560, CH340 or not). No error messages during installation or execution.
In most cases, the ignition of LEDs and 7-segment modules is random, whether during the creation phase, during tests, or in Run mode. Very often it works 2 to 5 s then segments disappear, leds no longer light up (until they have nothing).
I am compelled forced to stop Mobiflight, unplug the USB and restart the application to find, most of the time, the previous operation.
I tried to change the speed settings in the setting without result.
In addition, even if I strictly respect the tutorials, for example the one entitled Tutorial for Airbus VS display via 7 Segment LED Module, I cannot retrieve and display certain variables (A32NX_FCU_VS_MANAGED for example.
Are the two problems related? Has anyone encountered this kind of dysfunction? I do not think that it comes from the displays and that the operation of the LEDs is disrupted too.
Thank you and have a nice flight.

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