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Today, I received the Arduino Nano ESP32. When attempting to connect it to Mobiflight, I encountered an issue where it wasn't being recognized (I didn't use Arduino's cable). I pondered whether it was due to the cable or if the Nano ESP32 wasn't supported by Mobiflight, despite their website indicating otherwise.
2024-03-27 17:39
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Nano ESP32 is using a different microcontroller as opposed to a "regular" Nano. Just out of curiosity I've taken a "regular" Nano clone and tried it with MobiFlight; it worked without any issues. In my understanding, there is no 1:1 compatibility between Nano and Nano ESP32
As for the declared compatibility- there's no mention of Nano ESP32 in the list of compatible boards on MobiFlight website...
2024-04-01 21:02