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Hello everyone,

I tried to solve the problem myself, but after 3 days I gave up. Please help.
I need offset to FSX for F/D ARM. I found FSUIPC - EventID 66288. My toggle switch changes the parameter randomly. After clicking in Mobiflight, "stop" and "start" changes the value to the opposite one without turning on the switch.
I would like to send the value if the switch is down, "0" and if up, "1". I can't solve this problem. Now I change the value, but depending on what is set at "start".
OK, i use offset 0x2EE0 4 int but it is very strange. I can't use value 0 and 1. It only negate valute 0 to 1 and 1 to 0. But i use for press value: if($=1,1,1) and everything work properly.

Additionally, I have a tact switch for LVL CHANGE. I found Event ID 70023 in FUIPC - PMDG - Event ID - B737. Unfortunately it does not work. Is there an offset for FSX to set this button?

If I find a moment, I will send you photos of my MCP.
Bazinga ! :)

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