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First of all thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum, I am new here but I can see that support is great!
I recently bought a 737DIY MCP project (already built by another guy who was using it on MSFS2020) and I am doing a config on Mobiflight to use it on P3D which I personally prefer. So far I managed to program most of the MCP with small things to adjust.

I am currently trying to figure how to display altitude values correctly. When in the sim I move the alt selector from 0 to 100 (for example) the 5-digits window I have on the MCP displays "1000", if I increment to 200 it displays "2000" and so on. I tried to follow some tutorials but I don't seem to find/understand the logic to use the first two zeros (from left to right) in order to properly display the hundreds figures into something like: 00100, 00200 or for example 05500 (5500 ft) which my MCP rught now displays as 55000.

If it helps this is my current config for alt window:
Value:Int | Size in Bytes: 2
Mask value with:0xFFFF
Comparison: Compare: If current value < 0 then $+6536 else $ (I found this on a tutorial on this forum, without this comparison the alt window stays blank)
N. of digits: 8 Left padding: no
Precondition: none

If anyone would be able to help me display correctly figures in the altitude window I would greatly appreciate your help!


2023-12-24 12:53