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I'm using 2 x 4-position switches to control engine ignition,
during the ignition phase I put my switch in the GRD position and the corresponding one on the OH panel also moves to GRD,
when N2 is correct the virtual on OH moves to off while my switch stays on GRD.
At this point I have installed a LED and I want to turn it on when this condition occurs so that it reminds me to move my switch to off.
to do this I created a second input connected to the same analog input of my switch and I associated a mobiflight variable "eng1knob_pos" of type "number" in the value field I inserted "
" to have the corresponding values 0 - 10 - 20 - 30 for GRD - OFF - CONT - FLT.
I then created an output "eng 1 knob led var" associated with the mobiflight variable created before without inserting anything in the transform field.
I then created an output connected to the LED where I could compare the virtual knob with the variable, using "add reference", so that if the first is 10 while the second is 0 I turn on my LED.
unfortunately it doesn't work because the eng 1 knob led var output does not read the input variable "eng1knob_pos".
How can I solve the assignment of a variable to the value of an analog input?
Thanks for your help
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2023-10-03 00:45
From: Hungary
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If I understand well you want to lit a LED when
A eng1knob_pos = 10 AND
B switch_pos_in SIM = 0 - This has to be created to be 0 for OFF and 1 for any other state.

For the LED output page I would do 2 references (A and B ) and say:
Therefore the LED will ON when your knob = 10, but the knob in sim = 0.
Do you know that you can simplify: if($=1,0,1) ?
Use simply: 1-$ :)
2023-10-03 11:43