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Arduino boards with female connectors have a flaw. Male connectors on the jumper wires also have a flaw. The flaw is that their connections are weak. Changing the 'sex' of the boards will provide much stronger connections with the jumper wires.

Aliexpress, Amazon and other providers sell "Male Single Row 40 Pin Header 2.54mm Breakable Pitch Stacking Connector Strips" for Arduino boards cheaply.

Remove the black nylon casing of the female connectors on the Arduino board, then desolder and replace them with the same number of Male Single Row Pin Headers.

Also solder Male Pin Headers next to the text "RX TX 5V GND" in row 1, "SCL SDA 5V GND" in row 2, "3.3V 3.3V GND GND" in row 3!

2023-09-18 19:31
From: Hungary
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Nice idea with a lot of soldering,
Don't you think that a breakout board with screws is an easier and more stable way?
Like this:
Do you know that you can simplify: if($=1,0,1) ?
Use simply: 1-$ :)
2023-09-20 00:08