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Posts: 14
Hi folks, I have an 8-position switch in my hardware (Airbus FCU, EFIS range knob), but the software (FSLabs A320) can only process an increase or decrease (= encoder turning left or right). So I am trying to emulate an encoder (left/right) with the 8-position switch.

8-position switch means 8 buttons. I want to assign a value between 1 - 8 to each button. This value will be sent to an offset in a Lua script. The script then compares the actual position to the previous position and knows the direction of turn.

The InputConfigWizard, Action Type: FSUIPC - Lua Macro, has a field "Value".

However, whatever value I insert, "Value" will always revert to zero.

How can this be changed? What am I doing wrong?

Best regards
2023-09-01 17:55
From: Hungary
Posts: 65
I've done similar in Xplane/Zibo 737.
The good news is that without any LUA script.
I needed a readonly value from the sim showing the actual position + 2 command for increase / decrease the position,
With this using preconditions and several inputs I can make the movement.
The logic is as follows:

moving from 0 to 1
precondition: current value 0
command for switch#1 increase

moving from 1 to 2
precondition: current value 1
command for switch#2 increase

moving from 1 to 0
precondition: current value 1
command for switch #0 decrease

moving from 2 to 1
precondition: current value 2
command for switch #1 decrease
Maybe this helps,
Do you know that you can simplify: if($=1,0,1) ?
Use simply: 1-$ :)
2023-09-01 23:03
Posts: 14
Thank you for your advice, Roberto. Unfortunately, the add on I am using (FSLabs A320) does not provide output values, so the position of the switch cannot be read.
2023-09-02 09:49