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From: Germany
Posts: 8
Hello fellow enthusiasts!
Just about a week ago I found this wonderful project called MobiFlight.

I always wanted to build my own controls and indicators for use with MS FS2020.
I had an old Arduino Pro Micro at home and thus I started to create my first control set. The schematic is not yet finished.

Basically, it is a small board to be connected to the Arduino Pro Micro and to:
  • control a lot of LEDs
  • read a lot of buttons
  • read three analog potentiometers
  • display the air temperature on 7-segment-displays
  • control one servo

The current version of the schematic can be found here: (I did not find an option to upload/attach files here directly)

Since this is my first project with MobiFlight, I would be really glad if someone with experience could have a look at the schematic and give me hints whether or not I'm on the right way...

Thank you very much everybody and always fly safe.
2023-07-02 17:10