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i´m right now experementig with the stunning new KAV FCU LCD and Prosim a320 Suite in MSFS.

i work on the VS Window and it works perfect with the knowen FSUIPC offsets (inkl. the correct +/- Digitis) in MoFi, Prosim has the Funktion (under the "Gates" Section in Config) to "dashed" the Numbers out (like = -----), that´s works also with an "free" Fsuipc offset (i´m use 0x6174).

But in the Nubers will flickering, like the LCD refrash between the two Output Value´s, i don´t get it solved even not when i set precondition ruels (i tried a duzen combination of preconditions)

is the an solution or an idea

2023-06-04 19:59
From: ETSI, Germany
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I have no experience with ProSim on FS2020.

Basically a idea at first is to check if there is a direct Simconnect Support.
Normaly we try to avoid using FSUIPC in FS2020..... Cause its much more easy to read the data directly.


Your problem looks like a Precondition Problem....
A flickering Display means.... Its controlled by more then 1 Config same time.


If you work e.g. with 2 Configs here get sure each got a precondition that is finaly reversed to each other....
E.g. Config 1 only work if indicator =0 Config 2 Only work if indicator=1.
Simply avoid that both Configs controll Display same time !

Other way.... Us "Config References" and build the logic within ONE Config.
If only one Config overall is controll the display then you not need preconditions anymore.
Good Luck !
2023-06-21 19:13