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Hello my friends, i need your help, i work on Sim cockpit for the Pilatus PC-12/45.but when i set the offset on Mobiflight, on the FSX dosent work, and i cant found the correct offsets for that aircraft, for example: Fuel Pumps, LH and RH, how i can set the correct values?
2023-05-21 21:23
From: ETSI, Germany
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For FSX the only way MF work is via FSUIPC.

Means your AddOn Aircraft must also support FSUIPC. If it will do this then you pretty sure can find a List of Offsets in the Support Area or manual.

If not... You have 2 ways....
Most things are often controll by stock Offsets.
E.g. the Parking Brake or the Radios.
Simply check those Offsets/Events.

On other hand lots of AddOns without FSUIPC can be controlled via LVAR.
Here Mobiflight not directly is compatible.... But its possible to write LuaScirpts.
So a Code within FSUIPC that build a interface between those Lvars and FSUIPC Offsets.
By this "translator" you can use Mobiflight to Read/Write Offsets and the code send/receive the data to the Aircraft.
Good Luck !
2023-06-21 19:07