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I watched the Creating Custom Events and Variables video, however, it does not seem to address my simple needs. My specific scenario is that I am trying to program SET_PAUSE_ON and SET_PAUSE_OFF to work as input events with a custom keyboard device that I built/3D printed and that I have set up in MobiFlight. The devices/buttons are added and they are programmed in MobiFlight. I have edited the events.txt and eventids.cip files to include these events/codes K-codes as applicable. In MSFS 2020 Developer Mode Console, I can see errors occurring when I press each of the buttons, so the sim is receiving something, but I am not able to see what the errors are, but rather just the error count. I cannot find the Behaviors or Events in Dev Mode, but they are clearly there somewhere because the functions work perfectly fine using the normal keyboard - where I set up "P" and CTRL "P" as controls respectively. Note that I have 2 other buttons working just fine with my custom keyboard (parking brake toggle and switching camera view between internal and external). Hoping someone can guide on what I am missing. Thanks!
2023-04-08 22:19
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Sorry for late reply.

You confoirm other things work..... So we can expect the hardware and also sim connection is fine.

At first.... The Video you talk about is pretty outdated. That was the first Days of FS2020 where we need to edit this TXT file.
Today Mobiflight know tenthousands of Events from our Database.
We can also enter code directly in MF if a event is missing. So there is no need to go this Textfile way anymore.

Additional also the shown Sim SDK is years old.... today it looks different and also work different and there are lots of new features.


1. Try out some of our Events.
2. If not successfull join DISCORD and talk to our Pro Users for FS2020.
E.g. Jaime Leon is a guy who create most of the Presets and know nearly everything about this thematic!
Good Luck !
2023-05-10 21:06